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المقال: How Often Should You Wash Your Short Natural Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Short Natural Hair? - GlammedNaturallyOil

How Often Should You Wash Your Short Natural Hair?

For naturalistas who do not want to grow out their beautiful afro but prefer to rock their hair short (We sight you Lupita!), you might be wondering though - since your hair is short, do you have to wash it as much as you would if it was longer?

The answer is Yes and No, and I’ll tell you why in the following paragraphs!

Yes, you have to wash your short hair as much as you can. Why?

  • Short, natural hair is still natural hair so don’t miss the point! You most probably cut your hair because you wanted to reduce the stress of daily manipulation and that is excellent but it doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair. 

  • Washing your short natural hair should occur as much as it would if your hair was longer because while your hair may be shorter, remember that your roots are where the dirt gets piled up mostly - shorter hair means that it is easier for dust and dirt to find their way to your hair roots and rest there.

  • Washing your short hair as much or not really depends on what kind of hair you have. 
    • If you have oily hair then you should wash your hair up to 3 times in 2 weeks. 
    • If you exercise or gym a lot, then you should wash your hair up to thrice a week - depending on how frequently you exercise. Remember, your scalp is skin too and it sweats, making your hair ooze if you don’t wash it often!
    • If you have dry hair, try to space out your wash days out so you don’t wash so much, stripping your hair of its natural oils. Also, a pre-poo will do you a lot of good if you include it in your hair wash routine. Don’t forget to moisturize!
    • For normal hair, you should wash your hair once every 2 weeks.

  • Short hair naturalistas are fond of using a lot of products on their crown to style it effectively because it is not as long. If this is you, then you have to wash more often to prevent clogging your hair follicles with product buildup or dirt.

But maybe you should not wash your short hair as much?

  • This only applies to you if your short hair is very coily or kinky - in this case, you may need to wash your hair once in 2 weeks. Coily or kinky hair does not tend to look greasy very quickly so you can save up your shampoo and conditioner! 

  • This also applies to you if you don’t apply a lot of products to your hair so you can feel free to skip a wash hair day, or two, but no more!

It can get really tempting though!

Especially when you’re under the shower and you just want some cold water on your scalp. Don’t hold back though, feel free to hydrate your hair as much as you can but do away with the shampoo.

Water-only washing is fine but make sure to wrap a towel around your hair so the water absorbs out quickly - no tugging please!

Frequent exposure to water makes your natural hair strands swell and makes it more prone to breakage so wrap that cotton towel or old shirt around your hair and let it dampen before you moisturize.

Do not compromise on quality!

Short natural hair is great because you save up on styling your hair all the time, your hair is saved from daily manipulation, you can just up and go without thinking of how to style your hair and your hair products last longer. How great is that?

Remember though, whether short or long hair, the quality of your hair is directly linked to the kind of products you use! Try out our Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for the best feeling when you wash your hair because this combo is made of purely organic ingredients that do not mess with your hair’s natural oils.

Let’s help you save even more with this combo; click here to order NOW!


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