How To Protect And Grow Your Natural Hair While Rocking A Wig

Personally, I’ve recommended wearing a wig to many naturalistas who want to give their natural hair some breathing space or just to reduce the rate of manipulation. It’s a great way to just let your hair be. Wigs come in so many different styles and colours that you might never run out of styles to rock!

However, there seems to be something missing. For a while now, I‘ve had naturalistas close to me ask me how they can take care of their hair while rocking a wig. 

Most of us ladies have a habit of neglecting our hair while wearing a wig, mostly because we know that nobody can “see their hair” under the wig and for some, it’s just laziness. 

Wig Fix

This most times causes friction between your edges and a wig’s closure can cause your hair - edges - to break so badly, your hair will literally be crying for help. This especially applies to those wigs with a glued frontal that yanks off your edges while you try to take them off. 

Well, I recently came across the Wigfix and I feel I must share the good news with you!

The Wig Fix is a life saver for ladies  that love to wear wigs but don’t want no harm to come to their beautiful natural hair. It’s an elastic, silicone material that you wear on top of your wig cap before wearing your wig and it really works wonders for securing your wig firmly on  your head - whether you’re going wrestling or riding a rollercoaster. 

Must-have wig

I find The Wig Fix to be an essential hair accessory for every naturalista who loves to wear her wigs. One thing I appreciate is the pain free process of how it promotes natural hair growth and health even underneath your wig. It is breathable and lightweight; you’ll barely feel it on your scalp and your natural hair will thank you for it.

Asides all these benefits of The Wig Fix, it also comes in different shades which you can choose from depending on your taste or skin shade. Whatever works for you!

Taking care of your hair is a must, even while wearing your wigs. 

  • I find it very helpful to always renew your cornrows underneath your wig at least every week while washing your hair every once in two weeks to promote healthy hair.

  • Don’t forget to moisturize daily 

  • If you wear your wig for long periods of time, use lightweight oils and creams on your hair to prevent heat and product buildup. 

Remember, your hair inside matters even more than your hair on the outside (wigs!) so take very good care of your hair while rocking your wigs and don’t forget to stock up on The Wig Fix to protect your edges and keep your hair healthy and breathing even while under a wig!

You can check out The Wig Fix here The WIG FIX | No More Wig Slipping or Damaged Hairline | 5 Shades – The Renatural

Thank me later!

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