9 months after Jummie (Creator of Glammednaturallyoil) bichopped hair-growth update

9 months ago Jummie bigchopped after postpartum pregnancy. She constantly shares her hair-growth tips and journey with her customers. Her hair has seen better health, edges is stronger and thicker. In her own words

"My natural hair flourished during pregnancy and 3 months after I lost most of it. It grew but #protectivehairstyles did more damage since my hair suffered a trauma (postpartum hairloss) my edges and hair was weak and doing protective hairstyles didn’t do it any good either. I knew my hair needed a big time break. I big-chopped started afresh which is by the ways the best decision ever. My hair been left alone and making better choices for it i.e. deep and protein treatment using organic products, taking vitamins, drinking more water and living a healthier lifestyle, has helped a great deal. So if you really want to see growth make better choices for your hair and edges today"

If you have any questions on how to achieve healthier hair you can email Jummie at jummiegrow@gmail.com




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