The Creator of Glammednaturally Oil (Jummie) bichopped her natural hair 4 months ago (August 2018) to start afresh after experiencing postpartum hair loss. This was a bold move but one of the best decision she had ever made for her hair growth.

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So I have been very open about my hair issues. I wanted a change I grew my hair back with the hair and braid oilbut due to the bad choices I made with so called protective hairstyles my growth wasn’t as permanent like I wanted it to be. So I took the bold step and started all over in August. As you can see in my pictures the area where I had postpartum hair loss was very very week I didn’t care and wore my hair everyday that way tracking my growth using the oils twice a day and took pictures. I am so happy with my growth thus far, I have created this products to work for me and any woman or man our their suffering from hair loss. Hair growth varies for everyone, the choices you make not just for your hair but your overall body will determine your hair growth as well. So what choices are you making for your hair and body???? 2019 is around the corner change them for the better.


She will be documenting her progress regularly. FOLLOW HER JOURNEY ON INSTAGRAM

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