Let’s talk LENGHT retention by: Jummiegrow


Hey guys so let's talk length retention!

Do you feel your hair just wouldn't grow pass a certain length? 

When your hair is growing the proper way it retains LENGHT hence longer hair.  This is what I have done consistently for 1 year to retain LENGHT

1. I sleep with a satin bonnet daily.

2. I haven’t done any protective hairstyle in exactly 14 months I don’t put any tension on my hair or edges.

3. I always deep condition my hair once weekly.

4. I scalp cleanse weekly.

5. I do deep / protein treatment once a month.

6. Yes, I trim a little of my ends once every 3 months so 4 times a year. Honestly, you only need to trim a little bit done over donut cause if you do you won’t retain length. It’s important to trim your split ends to promote new growth.

7. I drink lots of water and eat healthy

8. I use the right brush to detangle, I recommend @brushwiththebest by @lovingyourhair

9. I take vitamins

10. Finally, I use Glammednaturallyoil hair and braid oil daily and use the mango and coco shea butter to keep my hair moisturized. 

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