We are so excited about our new website lauch. We have created this new website for our customers to make your shopping experience easier and better. 

To all our exciting customers don’t worry all your information is safe and will be transferred securely.

So what’s new?

1) Free Shipping - who doesn’t love free shipping right? We have created this for our loyal customers who keeps coming back for more. You will receive free shipping on orders over $100 or more. You welcome ❤️

2) New and better rewards programs

- Earn points for giving a review

- Earn points for sharing your purchase on any social media network

- Earn points for referring friends and family to purchase GlammedNaturallyOils or products 

3) Points equals dollar earnings 

4) The more points you earn the more discounts you’re earn towards your purchase 


We appreciate all our customers thank you for your continued support 

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