Seeing they say is believing right?

Our creator Jummie Ogunyemi, re created Glammednaturallyoils after she experienced post pregnancy hair loss. She suffered hair loss on her edges and hair, due to her frustration the hair and braid oils were recreated to work for her and it can work for you too. She has gladly shared her before and after pictures on instagram for her customers to see.

In her exact words,


“I have used the GLAMMEDNATURALLYOIL HAIR AND BRAID OIL CONSISTENTLY AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS ON MY HAIR to achieve RESULTS. So I get asked a lot if the hair oil guarantees hair growth? So I won’t guarantee growth for anyone because everyone’s situation is so different, also hair growth is not just guaranteed by using only oils! Your lifestyle contributes to your hair growth. Most customer have seen growth in 4-6 weeks, some customers see growth in 2 weeks, after my post pregnancy hair loss I saw growth within 1 month and so called protective hairstyle didn’t give my hair much room for improvement and that’s why I bigchopped to start afresh. As you can see in these pictures above wow I must say though I have seen a seeing is believing kind of improvement. So if you are still in doubt giving it a try won’t hurt but I will recommend the 4oz bottle because the 2oz might not yield you results. Thank you to all who has purchased I honestly love and appreciate you”

Glammednaturallyoil is the best oil for hair growth.



Check out this result! Amaaaazing right?

Watch her hair growth story on YOUTUBE 2 months after big chopping

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