The 10 commandment for a 4 Hair Type Hair Texture

The 10 commandment for a 4 Hair Type Hair Texture 


1 Thou shalt not deprive your hair of water NO WAY


2 Thou shall keep your hair super moisturized daily


3 Thou shalt only and only shampoo once every 2 months


4 Thou shalt co-wash more


5 Thou shalt deep / protein treat your hair once every 6 weeks before installing any protective hair style


6 Thou shalt NOT put any tension on your edges or hair PERIOD


7 Thou shalt massage your scalp regularly


8. Thou shall drink more water


9 I will wear a satin scarf before I got to bed daily


10 Thou shalt make all of the above a HABIT


This applies to all hair - type, especially 4 hair texture.


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