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Article: 8 Must-have combs for every naturalista and when to use them

8 Must-have combs for every naturalista and when to use them - GlammedNaturallyOil

8 Must-have combs for every naturalista and when to use them

Combs are a MUST- HAVE for your mane. Infact, they are the first tools you think of when it comes to taking care of your hair and why not, combs help you to take out tangles and get your hair in shape before any other styling can happen. So yes, combs for the win!

Did you know? A lot of hair loss can be linked to using the wrong type of comb to straighten out your hair which is why I have compiled this list of combs you need to have and when you need to use them.

It can get tricky figuring out what comb to use for what situation as a natural hair girl. Natural hair is not like any other hair, which is why you must always use the right type of comb for the right type of situation to prevent hair breakage or split ends. 

Let’s dive in!

The Wide-Toothed Comb

Unarguably the most commonly used type of comb and every naturalista needs to have one! Wide combs are perfect for combing out your hair when you wake up in the morning or the first comb you use on your hair before you start to style. 

They are perfect for detangling wet hair as they have spaced out teeth which means a lot of hair can pass through at the same time so your hair is safe from being dragged or split during combing.

The Fine-Toothed Comb

These combs have way smaller teeth than the wide toothed combs. You use this to put your hair back in place and smooth it down after detangling with the wide toothed comb. Now, I would advise every naturalista to be careful when using this comb because their small teeth can block natural hair when trying to pry tangles loose. A better option for doing this  is the bristle brush 

The Rattail comb

Are not to be used to comb your hair as a naturalista! I mostly used the pointy end of a rattail comb to part my hair because of how sharp and incredibly accurate it is! Asides this, you can also use it to smoothen your hair partings when applying gel to your hair for that extra sleek look.

The Afro Comb

Every naturalista must own one of these! It’s not just a comb but a cultural symbol dating back to the 1970s when Africans wore them on their big afros as a way of saying NO to black oppression. So yeah, rock them afro combs girls!

I use my afro comb, also known as “The Pick” to comb out my hair after detangling it to give it that full look because it goes down to your scalp to better pick up hair that has shrunk and put some stretch in it. 


The Denman Brush

A naturalista fav for detangling! 

This functions almost the same way as a wide toothed comb but gives you a sleeker look if that’s your aim. It’s great for detangling wet hair as it goes down to the root to loosen knots without disrupting your coil pattern, but you may need to do some finger detangling first and apply leave-in conditioner to minimize hair breakage. 


The Shower Detangler

This comb helps to detangle your hair when it’s wet and as the name implies, you can use it while in the shower. It’s uneven teeth help to detangle hair and a lot of hair can slip through it without breaking the ends. They are perfect for kids or if you have a tender scalp. 


Double Sided Edge Brush

If you’re a fan of extra laid edges then you definitely need this! It’s double sided, with a brush for laying your edges on one side and the comb part for creating ridges after laying your edges. 


The Boar Bristle Brush 

Want some cool waves on your low or high bun for that chic look? A bristle brush is your best bet! The bristles on this brush create the perfect waves for your natural coils.

Use this along with a suitable hair gel to comb and style your hair, then tie a scarf over it for about 5 minutes so it lays well and voila! You’re good to go!


Which of these hair combs is your best?

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