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Article: Eat your way to hair growth with these yummy Biotin gummies

Eat your way to hair growth with these yummy Biotin gummies - GlammedNaturallyOil

Eat your way to hair growth with these yummy Biotin gummies

Ever wanted to take supplements but then you look at the pills and you go “UGH! Not again!” If you’re like me, then the sight of pills simply makes me sick; it doesn’t really matter if they’re supposed to make me well.

Supplements are really the way to go to complement your diet and with these Biotin Hair Growth Gummies, you get a promise of something more, thicker hair as well as a copper for hair loss; plus other benefits.

The great news is, YOU DON’T HAVE TO POP PILLS ANYMORE! These Hair Gummies are in chewable form, you heard that right. You get your hair needs in these chewable gummies and it doesn’t have to be a hard pill to swallow! How cool is that?

Biotin Gummies are specially formulated Biotin, Vitamin B complex gummies that help you to achieve thicker/denser hair, length retention, combats hair loss and gives you general healthy hair.

These Biotin gummies will help you to;

  • Grow longer, thicker and healthier hair
  • Cope with hair loss as it is very good for combating balding or receding hairline
  • It strengthens brittle nails and makes your nails less prone to breakage 
  • Promotes skin health and gives your skin that radiance that you’ve always wanted
  • It also promotes general body health as it helps to reduce blood sugar, promote cell growth, reduce cholesterol and does other body functions

Biotin contributes greatly to the growth of your hair, especially in cases of Biotin deficiency or when you don’t get the recommended dosage from your diet.

Click this link to read on more amazing benefits of Biotin.

Biotin Gummies are vegetarian and kosher with 10,000 mcg of Biotin in every serving. Also, they are completely GMO free and do NOT have any gelatin or gluten in them. 

We know how important your health is to you which is why all our products, from our hair oils to these Hair Growth gummies are made with pure organic ingredients - NO ADDITIVES. 

It gets interesting!

These Biotin vitamins come in portable, hand-fitting and easy to carry containers that can fit in as little as your purse or mini shoulder bag. It means you have access to your hair vitamins no matter where you go because they are portable and can easily be carried around. 

No more excuses like “I forgot to take my supplements” and have them sit on your dining table for days until the next time you remember. Now you can carry your vitamins along with you!

So what are you waiting for? Start eating your way to long and shiny hair with our strawberry flavoured Hair Growth vitamins, Click this link to order yours now! 


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