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Article: How to Grow Longer Hair For Women: 7 Tips From Our Pro Hair Stylists

How to Grow Longer Hair For Women: 7 Tips From Our Pro Hair Stylists - GlammedNaturallyOil

How to Grow Longer Hair For Women: 7 Tips From Our Pro Hair Stylists

When you are applying so many ideas and tips to grow your hair longer and thicker, it could take a long process. According to The American Academy of Dermatology Association, hair grows near about six inches each year, but it is minimum. 

Most women want long and thick hair, but it can’t happen overnight. If you maintain proper hair growth, prevent hair damage, and use some organic products, you can have healthy hair. 

There are some secret tips and home remedies to grow longer hair for women. Check out these 7 pro tips from the hair stylists. 

  • Get Frequent Trims

  • If you want long and healthy hair, you need to get regular trim. Hair cut won't help to grow your hair, it helps to get rid of the split ends. It damages the hair and prevents growth faster. That's why to be attentive and caring to your hair growth and follow the hairstylists tips. If you are suffering from an itchy wet scalp, you can use our organic products, specially designed for itchy scalp. 

  • Eat the Right Diet

  • Diet plays a great role to grow longer hair for women. It does not always depend on the products you are using, natural fibers also play an important role. To promote hair growth you need to consume the proper nutrition. According to the dermatologist, high protein food builds blocks in hair follicles, and once you start increasing your protein intake, like fish, whole grains, and nuts, your hair starts getting proper nutrition, and it starts growing properly. 

  • Shampoo Less and Hydrate more

  • Do you shampoo your hair regularly? Shampooing your hair, twice or three times a week will imply your natural oils to hydrate and repair your hair. For thicker and bouncy hair, choose our organic products and get impressive results. After shampooing your hair, don't forget to use a conditioner. It protects your hair and helps it shine more. And helps to grow longer hair for women.

  • Avoid Excessive Heat Styling
  • Being a stylist person is cool, but over-styling can harm your hair badly. If you use extreme heat to get stylish hair, you will risk damaging your hair, causing breakage and frizz. So, don't damage your hair, for the sake of style and fashion. Decrease the temperature and use a heat protectant to get rid of such things. Once you maintain a healthy life, it will automatically help to grow long hair for women.

  • Brush Hair Regularly 

  • If you neglect to comb your hair, you will suffer a lot. Going to bed with uncombed hair means a mess. But when you run a brush, it gives a few strokes that are great for your hair and for your scalp too. Once you use a boar bristle brush, it spreads the scalp oils equally onto your hair and keeps it naturally moisturized. If you follow this at night, regularly, it will increase circulation and make your scalp and hair healthier. You can apply our organic fast hair growth oil to make your hair thicker and strong. 

  • Keep Your Showers Cooler and Focus on Scalp Care. 

  • Do you know, that a hot shower not only dehydrates your skin, but also it creates a rough impact on your hair? That's why whenever you clean your hair, decrease the temperature, it won't harm your scalp. When you are shampooing, massage with your fingers, to deeply de-gunk and improve blood circulation. It will help you to grow longer hair.

  • Protect Hair From Physical Damage

  • Are you searching, for how to grow long hair for women? Well, first of all, never comb your hair when it's wet. If you do so, it will stretch the hair's shaft which causes the shingle-like outer layer to lift. Don't entertain your hair fall types of issues, use our products for hair loss and see the result. 


    Don't be freaked out if you are suffering from hair loss, we have numerous solutions like oils and herbs for hair growth that help to grow long hair for women. Not only for women, but we have also designed organic and effective hair gel for men. You can visit our website for more information. Or contact us via email.

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