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Article: Keeping Your Hair Moisturized And Hydrated

Keeping Your Hair Moisturized And Hydrated - GlammedNaturallyOil

Keeping Your Hair Moisturized And Hydrated

The biggest problem that naturals have to deal with is making sure our hair is moisturized and hydrated . Naturally hair  is considered the most delicate hair type. It grows from the scalp in tight helixes and although it may look full and compact, compared to other hair types. Dry natural hair is a pain, and making the moisture last can be a struggle for some of us. For others, their biggest struggle is getting the moisture inside the strands. No matter what our burden is, we all have to find ways to make it last as long as possible.

Each hair is surrounded by a gland which supplies it with a natural oil called sebum. This oil is meant to lubricate and waterproof the hair and skin while protecting it from bacteria and fungi. The tighter the curls and kinkier the texture it is almost impossible for the sebum to travel and coat the whole strand. This means that curly hair types don't have that essential layer of oil and it is prone to dryness and dehydration as moisture is able to leave freely. In this blog we will tackle the importance of hair hydration and moisturizing.


Always Deep Condition Your Hair

Conditioning your hair is essential, adding products that mimic the protective layer that is often stripped from the hair helps to keep strands nourished. This is where a great deep conditioner comes into play. Conditioners help to protect proteins and lipids in the hair and strengthen the hair shaft.

According to our affiliate dermatologist  Dr. Lenzy, She recommends deep conditioning your hair every time you shampoo for maximum moisture. "Many of us aren't adding moisture back into our hair daily," she says. "Deep conditioning every time you shampoo will help the hair look and feel healthier." Once your conditioner is on, Dr. Lenzy recommends adding heat. "That will cause swelling of the cuticle and allow the ingredients to better penetrate the shaft," she says. Try our BIOTIN CONDITIONER.

Know What Your Hair Needs


Before getting tons of products for your natural hair, you should get familiar with your hair's porosity.  In simple terms, porosity translates to how easily your hair absorbs moisture. Your hair can either be high porosity (easily absorbs moisture) or low porosity (doesn't easily absorb moisture). "Curly hair is more porous than straight hair by nature,

Chemical treatments (like keratin straighteners, relaxers, and permanent hair color) change the hair on a chemical level, damaging the outer layer of the shaft and making the hair more porous. But even if you've skipped all those treatments, your daily routine could affect your porosity. Excessive manipulation and brushing of the hair can also remove the outer protective layer over time, causing strands to be more porous.


Your Hair Love H2O

 Spritz then seal your dry hair with water and conditioner. It stands to reason that water would be good for dry hair…and it is!  So try this: fill a spray bottle with two-thirds water and one third moisturizing spray-on conditioner.  Mist your hair until it's damp but not dripping.  Then seal in the first layer of moisture with a rich conditioning cream or oil.

Also, the best way to make sure your hair is hydrated is by keeping your body well hydrated. Drinking lots of water each day will keep your scalp and follicles moisturized from the inside out. Oftentimes, a person whose hair is very dry is not drinking enough water. If you have trouble in this area, start slow by adding an extra glass per day, and work your way up to larger amounts! 




Hair steamers basically do two things in one step: the heat opens up the hair cuticle, allowing moisture to penetrate your strands, and steaming along with a deep conditioning treatment will help boost the conditioner’s effectiveness. You can get a similar effect by using a plastic cap with a hot towel wrapped around your head if you don’t have a steamer. This method is especially helpful for those with low-porosity hair!


Try the LOC Method

Even though the LOC (leave-in, oil, cream) layering technique is typically used as the initial curl styling stage, it can also be useful for a moisture refresh. You can always tweak which product goes on at which point during the process based on your hair texture and density, but generally starting with the lightest product — like a liquid leave-in — and building up to the heaviest product — like a curl cream or butter — is going to structure your products for the greatest moisture retention. Our mango and coco shea butter is one of the best products on the market that helps reduce dry hair and promotes a healthier and moisturized hair. Our customers love our butters as you can also use it from hair to toe. Hope this articles helps you maintain a healthy moisturized hair. If you have any further questions about this topic do not hesitate to contact us.



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