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Article: Natural Hair “A Must” Night Routine

Natural Hair “A Must” Night Routine - GlammedNaturallyOil

Natural Hair “A Must” Night Routine

We have seen hundreds of blogs about conditioning, shampooing, or styling your natural  hair. Yet to be honest unfortunately, I haven’t heard as many conversations about taking care of the hair at night.

I know that when it comes to creating a night time routine, We haven’t been the best at doing what we need to do to prepare our hair for the next day.

As soon as the day is over, we are usually too tired to be able to do the whole night routine.

  Even if we do everything right during the day without your night time routine, it can mess up the work you did instantly.

It’s more or less 8 hours that you are probably  sleeping on your hair so that can easily lead to breakage, dryness and the worst part is knots.

Night Care Routine is as important as the other hair care routines that we are doing during the day. The significant part is if you’re consistent with your nighttime routine, you’ll begin to find more natural methods that fit you.


Sleep on a satin, silk pillowcase, bonnet or scarf

A  silk or satin pillowcase is a must if you want to protect your hair from breakage during sleep. . Even though you wear a bonnet or scarf that you might efficiently utilize during sleep. There have been plenty of times we might wake up without it on our head .

However, even if that happens with a satin and silk pillowcase, We don’t have to worry about hair breakage or .even knots 

Satin and silk pillowcases will not snag or break your hair due to it being able to glide smoothly on the pillow. It will also help with your hair, not drying while you sleep.

Also, keep in mind that when it comes to wearing a scarf, be careful not to pull it too tightly each night. Make sure to emphasize switching up how you cover up your hair at night to prevent breakage from occurring.

Must Have : Adjustable  Soft Silk  Sleeping  Wrap Cap and Silky Pillow Case Set


Always wear styles that preserve the curls

When you’re asleep at night, it’s good to have your hair in low manipulation styles as much as possible. So, if you have your hair in braids or twist already, then you’re good to go.

However, for those that have their hair out, it’s always good to have a pineapple style to keep it in place.  It will help stretch your curls but also maintain the definition. It also helps with your defined curls, not getting crushed underneath your head overnight. We know pineapple hair doesn't always work  if  you put all your hair on top of your head so sometimes what helps is doing it in sections. You must  sections  3- 4 to help with preserving your curls.

Putting the hair in 3-4 sections with the banding method to keep it stretched. If you don’t want pineapple or banding at all, placing a satin bonnet on, can help keep the hair looking good as well but might deal with tangles. 

Sometimes it’s trial and error seeing what will work for you when it comes to how to wear your hair at night to give you the best results.

Must Have : Satin Lace Sleeping Night Bonnet


Twist/ Braid

If you’re doing a twist or braid out, you would want to twist your hair at night. Twisting or braiding your hair  isn’t as quick as other laid back routines. Re-braiding or re-twisting is what’s going to keep your twist and braid outs still looking good throughout the week. Just so you are aware your twist does not have to be neat at all. You can put in big twists if you want. The main point is being able to protect your hair during your sleep.

Also when you do your twist, spritz your hair with a few sprays that can help with your hair being moisturized at night. Taking care of your hair at night can help with continuing to have the definition you want.

Must Have : Whipped Coco Shea and Whipped Mango Shea


Keep the hair nourished

Being able to keep the hair moisturized and hydrated is critical before you go to sleep. So using your DIY leave in spray or your Aloe Vera and water-juice mix will help with this. Now, if you do spray you don’t want to over saturate the hair so that it’s wet, but 1-3 spritzes to get it a little damp and hydrated.

Must Have : Mist Bottle Sprayer


Scalp massages

Giving yourself a gentle scalp massage can increase the blood circulation while you’re sleeping.

You can use your fingertips and castor oil or hair oil  if you are going for thicker hair. You can also use a light oil to help with dandruff-like jojoba oil with a couple of drops of lavender.

Also, using jojoba oil with rosemary or tea tree oil can help with dandruff. A scalp massage does not have to be done every day, but it is a bonus that can be added to your routine.

Must Have : GNO Hair Growth Oil, Jojoba Oil and Castor Oil


These are all essential tips to add to your nighttime routine. Did I miss anything that you add to your nighttime routine that I didn’t mention? Let me know below?

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