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Article: Why You Should Choose Detangle Brush For Your Coils and Curls?

Why You Should Choose Detangle Brush For Your Coils and Curls? - GlammedNaturallyOil

Why You Should Choose Detangle Brush For Your Coils and Curls?

When you are styling your hair, you simply can’t get the best results by following essential hair care tips – you need to complement these hair care tips with the necessary accessories and little helpers to do some useful jobs for you. One such important tool is a detangling brush – especially so if you don’t like paying regular visits to the hair salon, in order to keep your hair in top shape for as long as possible.

Unlike regular hair brushes these are wide-bristle brushes that have a few pretty handy uses. They can help prevent damage, be used for deep conditioning, prevent any overly voluminous looks and far more. In this article I run down the ten benefits of using a detangling brush in your everyday hair care routine.


Detangling brushes are good for thick hair.

You might not need such heavy-duty help if you have fine, fly-away hair, but for those with a lot going these brushes are the ultimate hair tamers!

You can use it as a blow-drying brush

As long as you have a heat-resistance model detangling brushes can be used as your go-to blow drying tool.

Can also give a head massage

If you’re feeling stressed out by the day and need a bit of TLC go grab that detangler. Longer bristles will massage the scalp leaving you feeling nice and relaxed.

Prevents breakage when brushing through hair

While other brushes can actually cause hair breakage, the wide bristles in this brush are gentler to your locks, reducing the chance of breakdown.

Can redistribute the natural oils in your hair

  This is especially important for afro hair styles. The wide bristles and specific design of this brush will help spread oils out all over your hair avoiding that age-old ‘greasy at the roots, dry at the ends’ dilemma.

Gives definition to curls

If you have beautiful curls it’s wise to invest in a detangling brush as these are the best way to ensure the ringlets or waves stay in place.

Can evenly distribution conditioner

  Deep conditioning your hair or using leave-in conditioners? It’s important to ensure the lotion goes right from root to tip for best results and this can be done effectively with this brush.

Can be used on both wet and dry hair

 One of the main advantages of a detangler is that it can be used on wet hair. Avoid using normal brushes when your hair is wet as it’s particularly fragile in this state and anything harsh will cause damage.

Helps minimize the volume

While a lot of people want a volume boost, for those with far too much volume a once-over with a detangler before blow drying can really help calm things down.

There are loads of good reasons to be using a specific brush to detangle your hair. Be sure to find one which is of good quality and fits the needs of your particular hair type. Then you just have to pair it up with the appropriate hair care tips and your locks will look healthy and beautiful for longer! Here are some recommendations that you might consider in choosing your perfect bush companion.

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