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Article: Bad Habits That Could Harm Your Hair and Scalp That You Stop Immediately

Bad Habits That Could Harm Your Hair and Scalp That You Stop Immediately - GlammedNaturallyOil

Bad Habits That Could Harm Your Hair and Scalp That You Stop Immediately

Every naturalita’s desire it to have healthy beautiful hair and most of you try to take good care of it by following a daily hair care routine. The hair habits you have all add up, and they show in the quality of your hair. If you treat your hair well, it will show but if you neglect it that will show as well. Some of your daily habits might be damaging your precious tresses, unknowingly. This blog will focus on what hair habits you need to quit if you want to attain a soft, beautiful, healthy mane of hair.


Hot Water On Your Hair

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower. Unfortunately, hot water is not suitable for shampooing your hair, as it can damage your hair and scalp. However, washing your hair with water that’s too hot is one of the worst hair habits. Hot water will damage your hair, splitting open the hair cuticle.  It dehydrates your scalp and hair by stripping them of their natural oils, which makes your hair dry, dull and brittle.

Switch to warm water while washing your hair. It is better to use lukewarm water, when you wash your hair and cold water for the final rinse to lock in the moisture.

After you get out of the shower, let your hair dry before towel drying it or blow drying it. Blow-drying sopping wet hair wastes time and damages the hair shaft.


Avoid Using Hot Styling Tools

While these tools help you achieve your desired hairstyle, they can also severely damage your hair. Try to avoid flat ironing and curling your hair as much as possible because when you do these things you’re causing more split ends that you’ll inevitably have to cut off.  Even with a heat protectant, every time you apply heat to your hair you’re damaging it. The hair shaft isn’t designed to handle high temperature from curling and flat irons.

Try a method that uses no heat at all. Braiding your hair before you go to bed is one way to wake up with soft, gorgeous waves. Pillow rollers are a fantastic way to create curls in the hair overnight while avoiding using a curling iron. 

Try to avoid blow drying as much as possible by showering in the evenings or allowing your hair to dry naturally.


Using Wrong Hair Accessories

Tight ponytail, braid, or hair bun hairstyles create that sophisticated trendy look. However, Using damaging hair accessories is one of the hair habits to avoid at all cost. When you’re using hair accessories that pull on your hair cause excessive tension on the hair follicles. According to a study published in the American Academy of Dermatology, scalp pulling can cause traction alopecia, which is a type of hair loss condition that destroys the hair follicles permanently and makes it impossible for hair to grow. Instead, stick with soft hair ties and scrunchies that won’t get caught in your hair.


Washing Your Hair Too Often

Washing your hair keeps it fresh and clean as it removes dirt and excessive oils from your scalp. When you wash your hair every day, you strip it of its natural oils that your hair needs to be healthy. Meaning, excessive hair wash dries out the natural oils of your scalp, which results in dryness and hair breakage. On the plus side, hair that is slightly dirty holds curls easier so you can cut back on the hairspray. When you stop washing your hair every day, you’ll notice that it will start to look and feel healthier as you’re cutting down on chemicals by half. If you want beautiful hair, stick to washing it at least once a week.


Using Hair Products With Harsh Chemicals

Chemicals like parabens, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, and DHT can cause scalp irritation and infection, weakness and thinning of the hair and even hair loss. These ingredients are very common in hair care products. To reduce the hair damage caused by those chemicals, avoid using hair products that contain harmful ingredients, and instead choose natural, homemade or organic hair products like Glammednaturallyoil products , that will clean and nourish your hair in a healthy way. Switching to organic products can do wonders for the quality of your hair. Nourishing your hair with natural ingredients will make it feel softer and more manageable.


Poor Diet

You probably already know that you’re what you eat, and just like your general health, your hair is also affected by your diet. Consuming unhealthy foods on a regular basis leads to lack of nutrients, which can result in hair thinning and loss.

Hair is mostly made of protein and other nutrients, so eating healthy natural foods, that are rich with protein, minerals, vitamin B, vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron and zinc is essential for strong and healthy hair growth.


Brushing wet hair  

Your hair is too fragile when wet to handle a brush, and this will result in tearing and split ends. Brushing with a round brush should only be done when your hair dries completely. The reason behind that is, that hair strands are more vulnerable when they’re wet. In fact, brushing your hair while it’s still wet can cause hair breakage and split hair. The best practice is to brush your hair before you wash it. Use a wide tooth comb along with a detangler when your hair is wet to comb it out and get rid of pesky knots. Using a wide tooth comb is one of the best hair habits you can order to reduce hair tangling; and after a shower, gently towel-dry your hair with a soft or microfiber towel and let your hair air dry before you start brushing or styling it.


Sleeping With Your Hair Loose

Loose hair causes breakage and tangles. If you always sleep with your hair down, you’ll wake up with big knots in your hair. A ponytail at the nape of your neck is enough to keep your hair from going wild. A braid down the middle of your hair will create soft waves upon waking up. Finally, two French braids will create more defined, voluptuous waves in your hair.

Sleeping with your hair secured is a great way to keep it from getting damaged. Also sleeping on satin pillowcases will further prevent damage when you sleep. Satin doesn’t pull against the hair as cotton or polyester pillowcases do.

Keeping your hair healthy and sleek doesn’t only depend on the good things you do for your hair, but also on avoiding bad habits that damage your hair. Whether you were doing it unknowingly or not, you should definitely stop those bad habits now, in order to ensure prettier, stronger and healthier hair.

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