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Article: Big Chop VS Transition - Which route should you go to begin your natural hair journey?

Big Chop VS Transition - Which route should you go to begin your natural hair journey? - GlammedNaturallyOil

Big Chop VS Transition - Which route should you go to begin your natural hair journey?

So you’ve decided to go natural, yay! Now the question is, how? A lot of ladies I knew who have gone natural mostly just decided to stop relaxing their hair, let it grow out and then keep trimming off the chemically treated part. This is what you probably know as transitioning.

However, others (like myself), decide to take the fastest route and just get it over and done with. I’m talking about the Big Chop which is basically cutting off all chemically treated parts at once and starting your natural hair journey fresh.

So which one are you? Are you a Big Chop type of naturalista or a transition type of naturalista? This guide will let you know what method will work better for you!

You should do the Big Chop if:

  • You’re on a budget - The Big Chop is perfect for you if you are big on saving money while making the most of your natural hair journey. Why? Because with the big chop, you don’t have to spend money buying different products for two different hair textures like when you’re transitioning. 
  • Also, you get to quickly discover your hair type, porosity and other necessary information that will help you save money because the sooner you figure out what products work best for your hair, the more money you will save. 

    Although your hair type may change overtime as well as your hair needs, you can also use resources like YouTube videos and other naturalistas you know that share similar hair texture like yours.

  • You ain’t got no time to waste - Take me for example, I did not have the time - or the strength for that matter, to transition. I suffered from postpartum hair loss and I did not like what I was seeing on my scalp at the time so I said to myself, you know what… off with it all! 
  • So if you’re impatient, and just want to get going on your natural hair journey without dealing with the struggles of transitioning, then the Big Chop was made for you! That means faster results and no waiting time.

  • You’re courageous - You see, the thing about the Big Chop is that it literally takes you out of your comfort zone especially if you’ve never had short hair before. It gives you a totally new look but it might come at the price of strange stares, repeat questions about why you cut your hair and how they preferred your old look.
  • Well, newsflash - they’ll get used to it! On the other hand, there’s the new you with a total confidence boost because trust me when you’ve done the Big Chop, you feel like you can do about anything and everything. How’s that for confidence?

    On the other hand, transitioning might be your thing if:

  • You love your length - There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have some length before going natural especially if it’s what you’re used to. The length really depends on you but transitioning is your go-to if you want to retain length.
    Transitioning will also afford you the time to properly learn the basics and lots more about natural hair as well as give people around you the time to get used to your new look and come to terms that you’re going natural so it doesn’t come as a shock when you finally do it.
  • However, keep in mind that natural hair shrinks so the length of your chemically treated hair will be longer than the same length of your natural hair. 

  • You want to be sure you’re doing the right thing - Going natural IS a big deal so it is understandable if you want to take your time, no rush, before you properly become a naturalista.
    Transitioning affords you the time and patience to get used to being “sorta” natural. You can also use the time to get into the right frame of mind and adjust to what it takes to be natural. You really don’t want to cut your hair and start to regret it after.

  • So that’s it! Now you can decide which route you’re taking. Will it be the Big Chop or the transition?

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