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Article: Goddess Locs; Why Every Naturalista Should Rock This Protective Hairstyle

Goddess Locs; Why Every Naturalista Should Rock This Protective Hairstyle - GlammedNaturallyOil

Goddess Locs; Why Every Naturalista Should Rock This Protective Hairstyle

I’ve heard this complaint from naturalistas about how they would like to take a break from manipulating their hair and just be free for a while. Well, I finally found the answer to that; presenting GODDESS LOCS! If you’ve also been looking for a highly protective style that will adequately protect your natural hair and still afford you that style and versatility, then look no further.

Goddess Locs are a special kind of locks that are made with human hair so this makes them lighter and more natural-looking. Unlike faux locks that are made with synthetic hair which are shiny and quite heavy, goddess locs will make anyone think you actually have locks. How cool is that? I mean, who doesn’t love an imitation that looks just like the real deal?

You might mistake goddess locs with the other kinds of locks but what stands them out is the fact that they are mostly finished with a wavy or curly tip and are often adorned with beads and other jewelry depending on your choice. Also, faux locs are sealed at the ends by burning while goddess locs have wavy or open ends.

It may take a while to uninstall but the great thing about goddess locs is that they can last for up to 12 weeks and they are quite protective. You can wash and care for your hair even while rocking them and the styling is quite versatile.

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How do you install goddess locs?

There are different methods for installing a goddess locs onto your hair. The traditional method is to section your hair and then braid the locs extensions with your  hair, adding the wavy bits to the end. There are several other methods of installing goddess locs and while there are numerous videos on YouTube on how to Do It Yourself, I recommend that you go to a stylist if you’re not very familiar with this process.

When installing, make sure to speak up so your stylist doesn’t make it so tight. Also, do not use more locs than your hair can carry so that it doesn’t pull on your actual hair and cause breakage when removing it.
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How do you remove goddess locs?

I once made goddess locs and when it was time to remove it, I did it without caution. Suffice to say that I cried my eyes out when I saw the damage I had done. I cut a large amount of my hair! 

Trust me, you don’t want to go through that type of trauma especially if you have spent a long time growing your hair. You can rock goddess locs for 12 weeks and no more than that so you don’t damage your hair. It is better you remove it and reinstall than to carry it at a stretch.

When you’re ready to take it down

  • Make sure you are not in a hurry. 
  • If you can, find someone who will help you take it down (you don’t have eyes on your head)
  • You can just go to a stylist

You can cut the locs from the bottom and unwind it, loosening your hair from the locs as you go. However, if you have long hair or you wish to use the locs again in the future, it is better than avoid cutting at all and just slowly separate the ends. Like I said earlier, you cannot be in a hurry because you have to take care not to pull or stress your hair. It takes time to loosen properly.

In all, goddess locs are a great protective hairstyle and they are better than faux locs because they are lighter and also last longer since they are made from human hair. However, you still have to take care of your hair; wash, hydrate, and moisturize your hair even while rocking this beautiful style. It is also advised that you touch it up at a salon from time to time so it remains beautiful.



So have you tried out goddess locs before?

Did you like it?

Will you do it again?

You can purchase yours here 


I only rock shots hair.that fit my face.


Wow!! This email is so much confirmation. I’m getting this protective style this week. And I’m excited about my hair journey of getting my hair back healthy again and growing. I had gotten a little discouraged at first and found out about this amazing oil with all the great testimonies. Thank you again

Marcie Pruitt

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