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Article: How GlammedNaturallyOil CEO JUMMIE grew back her edges

How GlammedNaturallyOil CEO JUMMIE grew back her edges - GlammedNaturallyOil

How GlammedNaturallyOil CEO JUMMIE grew back her edges

I wanted to share with you how I grew back my hair and edges after I suffered postpartum hair loss. So here goes my Thanksgiving gift to you.  So  1) Bigchopped👉🏽 I made a decision to start afresh last year-  Why? I chose to do this because after I suffered postpartum hair loss I grew back my edges with @glammednaturallyoil but due to the so-called protective hairstyles and braid my edges were further destroyed - it stopped growing and would grow and break again. It just wasn’t healthy so I decided to take a break from any so-called protective hairstyle to allow my weak edges and hair to grow better. See if you are suffering from any type of hair loss doing a tight protective hairstyle worsens it. This was the best decision I ever made for my hair after my hair loss.
2) I used @glammednaturallyoil hair and braid oil daily and moisturized with the mango Shea and coco Shea butter - 100% organic oils and product helped my hair flourish better. All this products are handmade by me. I created my products to work for me and i have used them daily. They can work for you too with consistency and the right care 
3) I chose to use organic products on my hair
4) Omg so important- I deep/ protein treat regularly using organic and products from my kitchen all information on this is on my YouTube page (JUMMIEGROW)
4) I co-washed and deep conditioned frequently
5) I drank almost a gallon of water a day (cleansing your body inside out helps too)
6) I take my vitamins daily
7) I mind my business and not let stress take over my body. I pray and read the word regularly and keep a relationship with Christ.
Hope that helps happy thanksgiving 🙏🏾

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