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Article: Avoid Products for Hair Loss that Have the Following Chemical Content

Avoid Products for Hair Loss that Have the Following Chemical Content - GlammedNaturallyOil

Avoid Products for Hair Loss that Have the Following Chemical Content

There are an enormous number of hair loss products available, each claiming to have vital nutrients that reduce hair fall and baldness. Tremendous advertising skills have let them attract a huge number of consumers, but very few of the products have been able to provide a solution for hair loss or baldness. The reasons behind their disability are some chemical content of their products that have adverse effects on your hair. And instead of inducing new hair, they cause further damage. Avoid using products for hair loss that contains the below-mentioned chemicals in them.


  1. Sodium lauryl sulfate (C12H29NO4S)


Sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as SLS is a regular ingredient in most shampoo. The cleansing ability of this chemical makes it a key ingredient in most of the available shampoos. SLS reacts with oil and water in your hair and thus acts as an excellent hair cleaning ingredient. The thickening property of the chemical creates foam while you apply your products for hair loss. Breaking down the oil in your hair makes your hair weaker and thinner gradually resulting in loss of hair. Already suffering from this problem? Applying ayurvedic herbs for hair growth can be the best solution for it.

  1. Sodium chloride (NaCl)


Sodium chloride is commonly known as salt. Confused about seeing common salt on the list of products for hair loss? Yes, salt is very dangerous for our hair as it dries out the surrounding it is applied to.  Using a shampoo that has NaCl in it dries your scalp and makes it difficult for new hair to grow. By applying ayurvedic hair growth oil to your hair, the damage caused due to salt on your hair can be rectified.

  1. Polyethylene glycol (C2nH4n+20n+1)


Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is an ingredient that is used in shampoos as a moisturizing agent. This chemical has a soap-like characteristics that work on excluding oil from your scalp. Similar to SLS, PEG also strips your hair and damages it. It makes your hair look dull and fragile. The best way to treat your hair is by using herbs for hair growth or herbal products for hair loss.


#NOTE: Keeping away shampoo for kids is recommended because consumption of shampoo may cause severe fatigue and also cause damage to your organs.


  1. Quaternium-15


If there is anything that you should be aware of on your products for hair loss, then quaternion-15 is one of the toppers in this list. This chemical was used as an antibacterial agent in your shampoo and also as a preservative, but later it was found that this antibacterial ability is also causing severe health issues. Quaternium-15 was found out to be toxic to the skin and also a cancer-causing chemical. Formaldehyde that is released from quaternium15 is also a pernicious substance. This chemical is one of the main ingredients of products for hair loss. Use natural products to grow long hair instead of using synthetic products to get faster results at the cost of your health.


  1. Methylparaben


Methylparaben is a part of the paraben family that is used as preservatives in shampoo and cosmetics. This chemical is a major content in the products for hair loss. Multiple health hazards are caused due to Methylparaben,

  • Hormonal side effects
  • Interference in gene expressions
  • Allergic reaction
  • Hair loss
  1. Propylbaren


Propylbaren is another member of the paraben family and has quite similar effects as Methylparaben. Propyl barren is even considered to be more harmful than that of its family members. Although the risk of cancer is quite low, the effects that it has on the human body are as follows,

  • Venomous effect on reproduction
  • Allergic reactions
  • Hair fall
  • Avoids hair regrowth

This chemical is considered to be moderate to highly hazardous. If you are among the ones who face a lack of hair growth, then apply organic products to grow longer hair.



If you feel that your hair roots are weakening day by day and you are afraid of facing baldness, wild growth oil is one of our products that can be of your use. While the point of discussion is on organic products, hair tea rinse for thicker, longer, stronger hair is one of our latest additions. If you are looking for the best hair oil for men visit our eCommerce website. Style your strong and healthy hair with our organic hair gel for men.

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