Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, we have a 90 days money back guarantee as we recommend using our products for 90 days consistently to see results. HOWEVER! We don’t give money back guarantee for just using the product and not liking it, we only give this if it doesn’t do it’s job for you which is grow healthier hair. This is our policy ! We also would require a picture taken with proof of date from the time you start using our products. Take picture monthly to track results 90 days. Refund will only be given in the first 90 days of purchase, if contacted after no refund will be issued.


Ayurvedic hair growth serum
Does it promote hair growth & thickness?
Yes, this product main purpose is to regrow your bald spot and edges back to health. It strengthens your hair and promotes Regrowth on bald spots and edges. It also promotes hair growth & thickness for your hair overall. We recommend using our vitamins and tea rinse along side this product for best results


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