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Article: A simple trick to grow your edges in 2 -6 weeks

A simple trick to grow your edges in 2 -6 weeks - GlammedNaturallyOil

A simple trick to grow your edges in 2 -6 weeks

First off, is something wrong with your edges?   You have that feeling that it's just not growing the way you want it; your hair keeps breaking especially at the edges when you comb it, it’s not looking even as it should be. I get it and I understand it. 

That “baby hair” trend is one that you don’t want to miss out on (especially for the ladies) and that receding hairline is not exactly a nice look for you 😬

The good thing is that you don’t have to feel insecure when you look at your edges in the mirror. Andrea Haynes once felt this way and here is how she grew her edges back in 2 weeks. 

Full disclosure, there is NO single way to just grow your edges. Nope, sorry to disappoint. This is because thinning, balding or breaking edges is often not caused by just one reason. It’s often as a result of various unhealthy hair practices like bad/excessive styling, tight protective styles or maybe even a health condition beyond your control, factors like postpartum, stress, hereditary, alopecia areata and many more. This is not a miracle treatment, but a guide of best practices and what treatments/product to use. Good things take time but what takes even more time and dedication is repairing damaged edges but not to worry because we’ve taken care to break these steps down for you.

Don’t hide it The first step towards growing back your edges is to take a break; don’t try to hide your edges. True, it’s embarrassing but what’s more embarrassing is if you don’t take the right steps to make it better so that you can flaunt those edges in the weeks to come. Covering up your edges, whether by making protective styles or using a scarf is not helping. Focus on making your edges grow. 

Moisturize I can’t say it enough, Moisturize your hair! Hair breakage is often caused by dryness which is why you need to moisturize as much as possible, You don’t have to moisturize with complex / chemically formulated products! Utilize Natural based products or ingredients;  this is what we understand that has gotten us to create the perfect hair and braid oil bundle below

This is a good product that keeps your hair moisturized with the whipped cocoshea and whipped mango shea butter.


Natural oils When growing your edges, it is wrong to use creams or greasy products as this will not penetrate your scalp. Oils on the other hand are 100% organic oils (all handmade) and also contain vitamin E - and other ingredients - which is a very essential nutrient and antioxidant for hair and skin. Vitamin E helps to strengthen hair and also repair hair follicles. Glammednaturally hair oil helps regrow your edges back to health with consistent use.




Scalp Massages Massaging your scalp also improves blood circulation to your hair follicles and scalp which in turn improves your hair growth. Increased circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to your hair areas which facilitate hair growth.


Massaging your scalp for about 15 minutes with a good blend of Natural essential oils at the right balance at least two to three times a week will help stimulate your hair growth. With consistency, you’ll see results in 3- 5 weeks.

Deep/Protein Treat Regularly Use organic products all handmade to protein treat your hair regularly. 

Protein treatment helps to strengthen hair and restore elasticity as well as prevent breakage. 

Deep Condition Regularly Deep conditioning your hair is also necessary to facilitate better growth. 

You Are What You Eat This applies to your hair as well! Eat fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water as well. Review your eating habits; you can’t be getting all the nutrients you need to grow your hair if you eat rice on Sunday, pasta on Monday, yam on Tuesday, spaghetti on Wednesday, Ahahn! Make sure you include other necessary nutrients like vitamin A, C & E (carrots, vegetables), zinc & iron (eggs), protein (nuts, poultry), etc.

Don’t Stress Take things easy on yourself. Whether you like it or not, your body is a reflection of what goes on inside it and if you’re constantly stressed your body general appearance (and edges!) will suffer. 

Visit Your Doctor Sometimes you may have an underlying health problem and all these may not work for you which is why you need to visit your doctor to make sure that you’re right on track.

Protect your hair at night with satin bonnets Cotton bonnets tend to suck the moisture right out of your hair and your needs that moisture so it doesn’t break. In all, it’s very essential to protect your hair while you’re asleep so bonnets are the way to go.

Lastly, Be Consistent! Don’t do it for three weeks and give up. Like I earlier said, good things take time and repairing your edges may take more. 

Don’t fret, if you have any questions about your edges or hair in general, just hit me up on our business email or send us a DM on our Instagram account GlammedNaturallyOil our customer care line and we’ll help you out! We’re always “hair” for you. 😊



This was such a great article to read. Very informative I will be taking some of the advise. I cannot wait to buy your products so I can send in my results too.


I love your products


Good morning 🌞. First of all I want to thank you for your advise. What shampoo , conditioner and deep conditioner do you use ?

Ivelisse Jimenez

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