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Article: 10 Hair Care Secrets That Will Guarantee You Longer And Fuller Hair

10 Hair Care Secrets That Will Guarantee You Longer And Fuller Hair - GlammedNaturallyOil

10 Hair Care Secrets That Will Guarantee You Longer And Fuller Hair

On your natural hair journey, you might have tried out a lot of DIY tips and tricks as seen online in a bid to grow your hair long and full, to the maximum.

You are not wrong for that. 

However, there are some of these things that may backfire, not because they are not effective, but simply because your hair is peculiar to you and your hair needs may just be totally different.

You already know to pre-poo and wash your hair, properly moisturize and nourish with hair masks, trim every 2 to 3 months, eat healthy, take your supplements but these 10 secrets are things that no hair blog will tell you.

Here are 10 hair care secrets that will help you care for your hair better.

1. You don’t really have to jump on every hair trend

Rice water? Tomato paste? Turmeric? What have I not seen when it comes to growing longer natural hair? Jeez!

I’m not saying these things are bad because there are people it has worked for but the truth is that is not a guarantee that it will work for you. It might even upset your hair’s balance.

Properly caring for your hair is just as okay and as long as you have a good hair routine, you’re already on track!


2. Drink water. Really, Drink water!

I really cannot stress how important water is for your general health, body, skin and of course, your hair. Some of you really go through the day without drinking enough water and this is besides the fact that you sweat, pee and spend energy which needs to be replenished through water.

Asides hydrating your hair by spraying water on it, water intake will make your hair even more healthy as “you are what you eat” - as the saying goes. Water makes up to 25% of each hair strand so drinking water (at least 2 litres a day) helps to maintain hair growth as water also helps with the distribution of vitamins needed for hair growth.

3. Always do it in sections

Washing your hair? Section it.

Styling your hair? Section it.

Detangling your hair? Section it.

Sectioning your hair is a necessity when doing anything with your natural hair as it helps to reduce the pulling and tugging that can lead to breakage during manipulation and helps to make hair styling easier and faster.

You’ll notice it’s easier for you to style your hair in sections than when you decide to tackle it all together. Divide and conquer is easiest for your hair and for your arm muscles.


4. Stick with reputed brands or products that you know and can vouch for

Sometimes you might want to experiment and try out new stuff - maybe even change your whole hair routine or just some products. 

That’s really cool but still, you should always experiment within the boundary of reputed brands so you don’t end up using a random product on your hair that can trigger a negative reaction.


5. Don’t scratch your scalp with your nails

A good scratch can feel really good against your scalp but do you know that you’re also harming your scalp? This could cause unnecessary injuries and weaken your scalp which is why you should abstain from that act. The worst is using hair scratchers with sharp ends!

Simply using your finger pads to massage your scalp is enough.


6. It’s not a war, you don’t need so much force - or that much shampoo - to wash your hair

The reason the harmful ingredient called sulphate is so popular in cosmetics is because it’s a very good foaming agent. However, the truth is that the amount of suds does not guarantee clean hair. In fact, more suds mean you are stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Wash your hair with sulphate free shampoo like the Biotin hair shampoo and conditioner which retains your hair’s natural oils. 

A gentle massage with your finger pads is enough to remove the dirt from your hair because most of the work is already done by the shampoo so all you have to do is spread it to all parts of your hair.

Ditch the force!


7. Use products with water as their first ingredients

Trust me, these are truly moisturizing products! Also make sure to check through the list of ingredients on any product before purchasing it.

Ditch the chemicals.


8. When shampooing your hair, focus on your ends

This is because the buildup is mostly found on your scalp so don’t go wasting your shampoo. The lather will easily flow down the rest of your hair and cleanse your strands.


9. Use warm water to shampoo and cold water to rinse, always

Using hot water is dangerous for your hair because of the too high temperature. Plus, it can injure your scalp too. Use warm water to open your pores and cold water to close your cuticles after conditioning.


10. When applying products to your hair, use the “praying hands” style

I mean, put the product on one hand, rub together with your other hand before you smooth it down on your hair. This allows for better penetration while gently massaging your scalp.

Don’t rough handle your hair.

And bonus because you deserve it!


Once in a while, let your hair rest

No, your hair does not always have to be all done up or even in protective styles. Sometimes just let your hair breathe and don’t do anything at all with it.

That’s it guys! Which one of these are you guilty of? Let’s talk in the comments.

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