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Article: 3 Steps To Nailing Any Style On The Internet

3 Steps To Nailing Any Style On The Internet - GlammedNaturallyOil

3 Steps To Nailing Any Style On The Internet

If you have ever lacked the inspiration for a new hairstyle, the first place you ran to is most probably the internet. And why not? The internet is filled with different amazing new styles that will make your eyes pop and YouTube? Access to tutorials all day long!


But it oftens ends up like a case of What you ordered vs What you got and you can’t even fathom what you did wrong when you got all the products and did everything right! That feeling is just so disappointing but…


What if I told you that you might be doing something wrong? Getting all the products and steps right for a style does not guarantee that you will get it to look exactly like the one in the tutorial. 


Anyways, here are 3 steps you need to take to nail any hairstyle on the internet 


Be realistic. Seriously.

I see you, with your short hair, eyeing that slicked back bun on YouTube! 

Really sist? How do you think that will work?


When you want to imitate a style, you have to make sure that your hair length and type are similar to the one you’re imitating - that’s if you want it to look exactly alike. Else, you might just end up disappointed. Sometimes, even when you have similar hair, it still doesn’t work out so why stress it?


Have short hair? Look for short hairstyles to imitate that is within the range of what your hair can do. Anything outside this may stress you as well as your hair.

Be open to experimenting

Sometimes, you get so fixated on a particular style that you become close minded to your other options. Don’t be like that!


A hairstyle could open your mind to an even better style that will fit you more so why not take that option? Do not be so fixated on a particular style because your hair is unique to you and should be treated as such - even when it comes to that YouTube hairstyle. 


So take it and make it yours! You may even end up liking the unique style you’ve created more than the original.

Realize that most of these videos do not contain the full steps needed to create a particular hairstyle

It’s true! And I have seen this several times. Yes, the heading did say “Step by step process to nailing xxx hairstyle” but that does not mean that it contains all the steps and this may not even be intentional on the part of the creator.

They might have had a little assistance, from a stylist, their hair routine or even other products they might not show you. Don’t take it personal, not everyone likes to have their secrets in the open.


If you really want to avoid getting disappointment, book a hair stylist

There, you can get your money’s worth, plus somebody to blame (that’s not you) if anything goes wrong.


Superb, yes? Haha.


Feel free to explore more ways to beautify your mane ladies, but make sure not to take it too far especially when it comes to the internet and its standards - most of which are not realistic or are just outright lies.

P.S - Don’t feel the need to use certain products because you saw them in a tutorial - they may not work for you. Find something identical that’s already in your hair routine and use instead.


Do you and take care of your hair the best way you know how to. Don’t be pressured.

Keep your crown up ladies!

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