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Article: 10 Hair Myths You Really Need To Throw In The Bin

10 Hair Myths You Really Need To Throw In The Bin - GlammedNaturallyOil

10 Hair Myths You Really Need To Throw In The Bin

Most Of us grew up believing hearsays about your hair, spanning from “almost believable,”  myth that “stress induces graying hair”, to the “outrageously absurd” ones that if you pluck out a gray hair, two will grow in its place, that will have your mouth hanging when you hear it! The funny thing is people believe these things without any credible evidence whatsoever and these myths end up guiding a lot of decisions we make about our hair which most times turn out to be unhealthy in the long run.

We all have our hair challenges that are unique to each and every one of us, so don’t let these myths distract you from focusing on your hairs unique needs.

Some of these myths are easy to debunk, for example, brushing your hair a hundred strokes every day... really?! Your hair is probably crying for you to STOP. Some, however, are not so straightforward and that is why I’ve compiled this list of common hair myths to help you separate the truth from the lies.

  • Myth #1 - Stress Induces Gray Hair
  • If this was true, then, in fact, everyone would be graying even before their 30s (except, of course, you live in a castle where helpers tend to your every need and you don’t have to lift a finger to do a thing! Even at that, thinking alone is stressful) so the answer is NO. Stress cannot cause your hair to gray. Gray hair is linked to genetics as well as old age; your hair cells produce melanin which is responsible for the colour of your hair but it gets to a point when they cannot produce melanin anymore and the result is gray hairs. 

    There is no proof that stress can aggravate this, however it can do other harmful things to your hair, like push ahead of the growth phase where your hair follicles don’t produce hair anymore leading to balding. The key thing here is to avoid stress as much as you can either way; it is not good for you or your hair.

  • Myth #2 - Trimming Your Hair Frequently Speeds Up Hair Growth
  • Says who? Your hair grows from your follicles so news flash, the part of the hair that you can see is dead. Yup, dead. So you’re trimming dead-ends basically, pun intended. Don’t get me wrong though, trimming your split ends is not useless, it prevents the split ends from creeping up towards more of your hair; split ends make hair strands look stringy and uneven since they are thinner so that is a plus as it makes your hair look fuller.

    Some products make promises of helping to seal your split end and whatnot, the truth is that the only way to repair your split ends is to cut them off; they cannot be repaired. Split ends are caused by age, over-styling your hair, and even using brushes or combs with brent bristles. So when next you trim your hair, keep in mind that hair at the ends has been around for a while and the hair that is growing in at the roots and not the ends.

  • Myth #3 - Air-drying Is Better Than Blow-drying Your Hair
  • Well, the truth about this myth is that it is true and false at the same time. Let me explain, yes, blow-drying your hair exposes it to heat which causes harm to the hair’s surface, however, air-drying your hair causes internal damage to your hair strands as long term exposure of your hair to water makes it swell and puts pressure on the proteins which help to maintain your hair; this causes more damage than blow-drying in fact. 

    What to do? Do neither of them both too much and when blowdrying, set it to the lowest heat setting. You can also try air-drying for a while(like 70%) and then finish up with blow-drying. You can also you a cotton material to dry your hair.

  • Myth #4 - Healthy Hair Is More Dependent On Hair Products Than Lifestyle
  • No, No, No! Unlike what most people think, your hair growth depends more on your personal lifestyle than the pretty products you pick off the shelves at the hair store. Other factors like weather, hair care or hair products are really secondary to what you take into your system (food). The way the body works, it primarily focuses on the internal system and dedicates energy from your food intake to these ones; what this means is that your hair only gets extra nutrients if you take in extra nutrients. And I am not talking about junk, I mean foods rich in protein, vitamins, iron as these are foods that promote hair growth. Read more about this in our previous article ( Foods that are Great For Your Healthy Hair Growth )

  • Myth #5 - Flaky Scalp = (Most Definitely) Dandruff
  • While flaky scalp can be a symptom of dandruff, it is not always the case; dandruff is actually caused by an oily scalp. Sometimes, a dry scalp can flake and it is not dandruff; it could just be a sign that your hair needs to be moisturized. It could also mean an overload of hair products on the scalp in which case a thorough clarifying shampooing will be needed. 

    Flaky scalp could also mean other conditions such as psoriasis or eczema; in any of these cases you need to be sure of your symptoms; an Over The Counter anti-dandruff shampoo can do the trick but you will need to see a dermatologist if symptoms persist.

  • Myth #6 - Less Washing, Less Breakage; So Dirty Hair, Longer Hair
  • You have got to be kidding me! Some people believe that the less you wash your hair, the lesser chances there are of breakage and this means longer hair but no, it does not work that way. Actually, skipping your shampoo sessions means your hair gets dirtier and even if you skip using hair products on your hair, the natural oil generated as well as a build-up of sweat and dead cells which will clog your follicles and this will hinder hair growth. 

    Too much shampooing does not cause hair breakage either, just make sure to use a shampoo that is suitable to your hair needs.  Read our article on how to wash your natural hair in simple steps 

    So don’t skip washing your hair, unless smelly hair and greasy strands are your aims. Because your hair needs a clean environment to flourish.

  • Myth #7 - If You Have Greasy Hair, You Can Skip Conditioning
  • There is no reason on earth why you should skip conditioning unless of course, you don’t have hair to condition. Oily hair is a genetic thing, which happens when the scalp overproduces sebum, natural body oil and it causes a buildup. Conditioning is one way to properly manage oily hair as it ensures a healthy way for your hair strands to stay hydrated and protected.

    A key way to apply conditioner if you have greasy hair is to apply it from the body of your hair, avoiding the roots as there is already an overproduction at the scalp. 

  • Myth #8 - Plucking One Gray Hair Means Two Will Grow In Its Place
  • Okay, this one is actually funny. The truth is that one gray hair probably means that others are lurking around. So when you see one and pluck it out, you tend to start noticing others and this is probably why this myth is easily believable. Plucking out your hair is not advisable as this puts pressure on your hair follicle and can make the hair grow back more coarse than before.

    However, whether or not it is plucked, you’d still end up seeing more gray hairs so maybe you should just let nature take its course. Do I hear a Yes? Good.

  • Myth #9 - More Lather in Shampoo, Better Cleaning
  • While more shampoo suds make you feel like your hair is being cleaned better, there is really no correlation between the amount of lather in shampoo and how efficiently it washes your hair. Shampoo suds are a product of an ingredient known as sulphate which is known to have harmful effects on hair so that is not what you want on your hair in large quantities.

  • Myth #10 - Oils Are Not For Oily Hair
  • Wrong. Oils, unlike a whole lot of other hair products, have the ability to actually penetrate the hair strands and nourish them with its great nutrients and qualities [especially a range of organic hair products like we have here]. So if you have oily hair, it does not stop you from using oil on your hair, just make sure you do not use too much so as not to cause clogging on your scalp. To prevent this, only use premium quality organic products like our

    that provides lasting moisture for your hair and keeps it healthy.


  • Myth #Bonus - You Need To Switch Up Your Shampoo Regularly

    This idea (wrong, by the way) is that once you have used shampoo on your hair for a while, it loses its effectiveness and stops working on your hair. While this is kind of true, it does not happen in the way you imagine; what actually happens is that your hair gets used to the product so it may start to seem like it is not working anymore. Also, your hair needs can change and this does not mean the shampoo isn’t working anymore.

    Consistency is key, and although you might need to change your shampoo or hair products as your hair needs change, for example, if you color your hair or the weather is colder or hotter than before, or you switch to the natural gang; then, of course, you will need to change your kind of shampoo.

    Besides, different shampoos work differently, and you might just want to switch things up for the fun of it; however, using too many different shampoos within too little time can cause hair breakage, split ends or even throw your pH balance off - so do this carefully.  Our biotin shampoo is perfect for your hair growth and it is made with natural and organic ingredients. 


    To be honest, a lot of these myths you can easily wave away with one hand, for example, the myth about graying of hair; others, however; like how frequently to wash your hair or not to, cutting your split ends, blow or air drying; can be quite confusing. This is why it is very necessary to know your hair type:

    Things to consider before choosing the products for your natural hair as well as it's unique needs because what works for another person may not work for you. Which of these myths did you believe? Are we missing any? Tell us in the comments. 





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