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HAIR STRUGGLE TIPS - GlammedNaturallyOil


Whatever the kind of hair you have, be it curly, straight, natural, there are lots of struggles with keeping it looking fresh and stylish. It’s not easy carrying all these strands, caring for them and still trying to look like Becky with the good hair all the time!

What I’m trying to say is, “Sis! I can feel your pain”. 

I know you love your hair looking all glammed up and sweet but sometimes it just gets so frustrating; from having to wear the same style ten days in a row (if you style your hair) to having your hair dry up all because of the weather. Sigh. 

You’re not alone; here are some hair struggles that you’ll definitely be able to relate to no matter what kind of hair you have with tips on the side to deal with those struggles.

 Those curls, that won’t just stay 

This is a very relatable struggle especially if you have straight hair. The curls just won’t stay no matter the type of curling products you use or that curling iron you have stashed up in your kit. You soon have to embrace the idea of doing your hair last in your dress-up routine so it doesn’t get straight again before you go out. Welp!

  • Here’s a tip for you - The secret to lasting curls is preparing your hair the right way so it doesn’t end up looking stiff as a board. Don’t wash your hair when you want to curl it, use the right products for your hair  

Wind in your hair? No thanks

Forget what those movies keep showing us and how you look all stylish with the wind blowing through your hair and… CUT! That’s the movie! Every woman knows that the wind blowing through your hair is no fun, it can actually be very annoying especially when you spent a lot of time styling your hair only for the wind to come to blow it out of proportion; it doesn’t help when you’re wearing lipgloss  *tears*

Now you have to become a weather forecaster and check the forecast every day so that you know when you need that hat.

  • Here’s a tip for you; Take a scarf along with you please. This way, you can tie up your hair, out of your face until you're out of the wind’s way.

  • Pool/Beach day, yay or nay?

    Let’s face it, the reason you don’t want to just jump into that water and have some fun is that you’re scared of what will happen to your precious strands once you’re out of the water. And even when you decide to watch other swimmers, you have to make sure not to wander too close else you get splashed. 

  • Here’s a tip for you; Get into that water girl! You’ll deal with your hair when you’re out just like you deal with it after a shower.

  • Falling asleep without checking your hair

    So you wake up looking like a time bomb and wondering what planet those “I woke up like this” girls dropped from cos that’ll never be you. 

  • Here’s a tip for you; Braid your hair before bed or (like I always say)  just wear a silk bonnet over it so it’s not all over the place when you wake up.

  • Hat day? That day

    No bad hair day that a face cap or bandanna can’t take care of right? Especially when you just don’t know what to do with your hair or you haven’t just give your hair the TLC (Tender Loving Care) it needs. Laziness happens.

  • Here’s a tip for you; Everyone has a bad hair day so I’m not judging you, dear. Whatever you do, just make sure to style it up!

  • Why is my hair not growing?

    Cut your hair, they said; let new growth come up, they said; don’t worry, it’ll grow back soon, they said. Where are they now? Now that your hair is growing at three inches per year? 

    Yes, it’s healthy to cut your hair but the time it takes to grow it back can be so tiring and the longer you think about it, the longer it seems to take… oh my!  I know that feeling especially after my “big chop” and I’m loving it with the proper care, your hair can grow fast and healthy too. 

  • Here’s a tip for you; Just do other things with your hair to take your mind off that ponytail that you’ve been dreaming of, okay?  Slow and steady wins the race, the idea is to grow your hair organically so it’ll last and be strong, healthy and shiny for you!

  • What you ordered Vs What you get

    You’ve looked it up on Pinterest and Google and boy o boy would this style look good on you. But the YouTube tutorial is just not working out and you have no idea how they did it so you just give up and put your hair back in that old style.

    It’s worse when you go to get your hair done at the hairstylist and you have to pretend to like it when in fact, you’re throwing tantrums on the inside but you can’t say anything because they just won’t get it.

  • Here’s a tip for you; Try not to have such high hopes when culling styles from the internet because that style might not just be for you. Try other things out. Also, it might take more than one hour of sitting in front of your mirror to get that style looking flawless so take your time to perfect it. 

  • Short hair struggles

    You just have to style it. That’s the deal with short hair; you can’t just up and throw it into a bun when you’re not in the mood. You have to be in the mood every time because short hair is not so versatile like long hair.

  • Here’s a tip for you; Have a go-to style that you can easily wear so you don’t waste too much time trying to figure out what to do with your hair. You can have more than one, so you switch things up.

  • Struggle #9; Good hair day but you have nowhere to go 

    This one can be a bit painful, really! One random day, you just sit in front of your mirror, mess around with your hair and voila! You come out looking like Rihanna without a single hair out of place. The bad part? You have nowhere to go. 

  • Here’s a tip for you; Just take some cute selfies and post on your Instagram. The cute comments will be sure to lift your spirits lol. 

  • Struggle #10; Winter is here 

    The cold can be perfect for makeup but not for your hair. This frizzy weather tends to dry out the moisture from your hair, leaving it looking static and nothing like you left your house with in the morning. 

  • Here’s a tip for you; Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Be careful not to use any kind of oil on your hair as they’re sealants and lock in moisture in your hair. Our Whipped Cocoshea butter and the ultimate hair oil specially designed and formulated for this purpose…  you don’t even have to think .. ;) Check out our everlasting growth & moisture bundle 

  • No matter what kind of hair you have, there’s bound to be one or two bad hair days so just know that you’re not alone. I hope the tips help out!

    2 commentaires

    My edges are completely gone. Is it any way you can open up ur hair follicles? I also suffer from a real bad case of Alopecia

    Lakesha R Tucker

    I got my oil but it’s very strong in smell an it is very dry my hair is very short an natural as I say the oil is dry


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