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Article: Things People Need to Stop Saying to Naturalistas

Things People Need to Stop Saying to Naturalistas - GlammedNaturallyOil

Things People Need to Stop Saying to Naturalistas

It feels “oh-so-great!” when you get a compliment about how great your natural hair looks - it feels amazing that someone appreciates all the work you put into maintaining your natural hair, right? But it is not always daisies and roses when it comes to opinions about your natural hair. 

One of the things I did not sign up for on this “natural hair journey” is some of the ridiculous things people say to me because of my natural hair; ranging from funny and absurd to outrightly rude. LOL, sometimes I kindly smile and correct them, and other times I just want to drill some sense into their brains. 

I mean, why would you tell me to relax my hair to make a particular hairstyle? Can you not see the amount of work I am putting into growing this hair but you’re asking me to relax it because of the “one” style that will not last 3 weeks. How absurd!

Anyways, here are the things that people need to stop saying to naturalistas (you can share this with your friends so that they mind their words when talking to a “Natural Sista”);

Beware, this is an angry post! 

  • Relax your hair
  • First of all, STOP RIGHT THERE! Why? Why would you say that? Did I ask you for your opinion on this? I mean, I’m trying to grow this hair, string out one day every one or two weeks for Wash Day while figuring out a permanent cure for shrinkage. And you’re trying to tell me to go right back to where I started because of what? 

    You know what I don’t want to deal with? Your unsolicited advice. Please keep your advice to yourself!

  • Your hair looks stressful, isn’t it painful to style?
  • How exactly the hair on my head is stressing you is a puzzle to me but I will let it slide. 

    And if it pains me, how will your taking Advil on my behalf help?

     One question though, the fact that you don’t have manners to be saying this type of thing to me, isn’t it stressful? Chill! This is my hair, not yours. 

  • Can I touch your hair?
  • First, never touch a naturalista’s hair without permission. Second, don’t even ask because the answer will always be no.

    Remind me when did my hair become a tourist centre? Okay, that will be $20 per second; since seeing it from afar like everyone else is not enough for you.

  • I could never go natural
  • Okay, sister, do you; nobody is asking you to go natural. But this is my hair, my choice and you don’t see me judging other girls that decide to relax their hair, do you?  

  • Your hair looks unkempt and out of shape 
  • And how exactly does your own hair look? Are you really comparing my natural, God-given mane to your Brazilian wig? That's unreal sis.

    • You look better with straight hair

    No, I don’t look better with straight hair, I look good with however I choose to wear my hair and that is a fact. Period. 

    • Your hair is too long for natural hair, are you wearing a wig or are you biracial? 

    No, I am wearing it just how nature intended. 

    The idea that natural hair can not grow past a certain length is just plain absurd. Natural hair comes in different textures, patterns, and styles and yes, natural hair can grow as long as waist length. Shrinkage is real. Keep your ignorance to yourself. 

  • Natural hair isn’t professional
  • You may think my hair is the problem, but the real culprit is your shallow mentality. Girl, bye! 

  • Does your hair grow?
  • Yes, please yes! I am not eating all these proteins to have short hair! Hair grows at different speeds and lengths. Shrinkage is a monster naturalistas fight every day so don’t be surprised, a girl’s got inches! 

  • Your hair looks nice today
  • So what about yesterday? You mean it wasn’t nice and you said nothing? 

    Bonus - (because I just had to add it) 

  • How do you comb your hair?
  • With a wide-toothed comb please, one I am sure can break your skull if enough force is applied. 

    Sheesh! That was really angry. LOL. What has someone said about your natural hair that you would like to stop hearing?

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