4oz Bundle Of Joy


Bundle up and Save up!

The 4oZ Bundle of Joy includes the Hair Oil, Castor Oil, Braid Oil and Jojoba Oil, all in 4oZ sizes. These oils are your perfect combination for giving your hair some healthy shine and treating hair problems effectively. Hair Oil costs $35.99, Castor Oil costs $9.99, Jojoba Oil costs $19.99 and Braid Oil costs $34.99 totaling $100.96. This bundle saves you $14.97.

Hair Oil is designed to stimulate quick hair growth, especially after a fresh cut, hair loss or if you have stunted growth. It also strengthens hair and prevents hair breakage.

Braid Oil gets rid of dry and itchy scalp, providing instant relief upon application. It is perfect for hydrating hair when rocking a protective style and helps to restore thinning edges.

Castor Oil actively works against split ends and combats hair breakage. It not only hydrates but thickens hair, which gives your hair a fuller look. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also make it ideal for the skin, especially for people who have sensitive skin.

Jojoba Oil is a very effective humectant that goes beyond the hair surface to penetrate hair follicles to grow stronger and thicker strands, reducing the rate of breakage. It is also the closest to the natural oil called sebum which is produced by the skin to protect itself so it can also be used as a supplement in hair and skin regimen to supplement sebum production. 

These oils are 100% organic which promote daily hair growth and should be used in your daily hair care regimen. Feel free to mix the oils for even better results. They are essential oils to have and this bundle ensures that you have all the basic/necessary hair oils while saving you cash on each bundle purchase. This bundle can last for up to 4 months depending on usage,

Directions for use: Apply daily directly to your scalp/skin and massage for a few minutes for better results. Hair Growth Oil and Braid Oil come with an applicator that helps you directly apply the product to your hair with little or no spilling (no wasting allowed!) while Castor Oil and Jojoba Oil come in an easy to apply bottle that prevents spillage as well.

Customers who have tried out these products have seen positive results in terms of healthier and longer hair in 2 - 8 weeks. Consistency is key when using this product so ensure you use it constantly over a period of time for lasting results.

DISCLAIMER: The results vary for different customers depending on each customer’s unique need, genetics and other factors that we cannot control. Because of this, some customers may take longer to see results; this can also be due to the nature and severity of hair loss experienced.

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