Everlasting Growth & Moisture Bundle


Bundle up and Save up! 

Everlasting Growth & Moisture Bundle is your perfect hair solution for long lasting moisture, growth booster and in fact, all your hair needs! This bundle comprises the 4oZ Hair Oil and Braid Oil; 12oZ Whipped Mango Shea and Whipped Coco Shea butter. Hair Oil costs $35.99 while Braid Oil costs $34.99; Whipped Mango Shea costs $35.99 while Whipped Coco Shea costs $29.99, the total cost is $136.99. The bundle saves you $36.97 on each purchase.

Hair Oil is perfect for stimulating hair growth, and boosts hair regrowth especially if you are growing your hair after a fresh cut, experiencing hair loss or have stunted growth. 

Braid Oil specifically targets dry, flaky and itchy hair and provides instant relief for this. It is very effective for protecting and hydrating hair when you are rocking a protective style that does not allow you full access to your hair. It also restores thinning edges. 

Whipped Mango Shea keeps your hair moisturized for days, literally and it does not dry out. If you have dry hair that doesn’t easily retain moisture then Whipped Mango Shea is what you need. 

Whipped Mango Shea can also be used on your skin, it has a pleasant scent and doesn’t leave any residue. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties for the skin.

Whipped Coco Shea Butter is the perfect blend of coconut oil and shea butter, it moisturizes and adds quality shine and strength to your hair. It is also an awesome detangler and leave-in conditioner as it softens hair, making it easier to style. 

Because of its rich organic and healthy ingredients, Whipped Coco Shea can be used on your skin to soften and hydrate it. 

The combination of Hair Oil, Braid Oil, Whipped Mango Shea and Whipped Coco Shea caters to all your hair needs in one purchase that saves you money and will last for a long time before you need to restock. This bundle can last you for up to 5 months, depending on usage. The 1oZ sample of this bundle will last for up to a month. 

Directions for use: Apply daily directly to your scalp/skin and massage for a few minutes for better results. Hair Oil and Braid Oil comes with an applicator that helps you directly apply the product to your hair with little or no spilling (no wasting allowed!) Whipped Mango Shea and Coco Shea come in a jar that you can easily scoop from.

Customers who have tried out these products have seen positive results in terms of healthier and longer hair in 2 - 8 weeks. Consistency is key when using this product so ensure you use it constantly over a period of time for lasting results.

DISCLAIMER: The results vary for different customers depending on each customer’s unique need, genetics and other factors that we cannot control. Because of this, some customers may take longer to see results; this can also be due to the nature and severity of hair loss experienced.

Use this as your daily hair care regimen 


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