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Article: Why do You Need To Use Hair Growth Vitamins?

Why do You Need To Use Hair Growth Vitamins? - GlammedNaturallyOil

Why do You Need To Use Hair Growth Vitamins?

Do you know what is most frustrating about hair issues? They not only give you an ugly appearance but also affect your hair and scalp health! And I was unlucky to have such issues at a point in my life. But what really helped me a lot are hair growth Vitamins. So what are these? Well, a hair growth vitamin is a micro nutrient that helps your hair and scalp to stay fit. Now want to know how it helped me fight different hair issues? Then, follow the blog till the end!


4 Main Hair Issues I Faced Before Getting Hair Growth Vitamins


  • Hair Loss: One of the major hair issues, generally occurs due to other hair issues and even poor hair care routine


  • Hair Thinning: When your hair tissues get weak and dry you face this hair issue.


  • Premature Graying: Gray hair is another form of hair thinning where dryness and damage mark your hair gray.


  • Scalp Itchiness and Irritation: With low hair care routine your scalp face irregular sebum secretion, making your scalp either dry or oily, resulting in itchiness.



6 Ways Hair Growth Vitamins Helped Me


  • Vitamins Moisturized My Hair
  • Enduring different hair issues weren't very easy for me. With time my scalp was getting drier. In that condition, I used Vitamin based hair care products from Glammed. And believe me, the results didn’t took weeks to appear. Applying vitamins based oils and serum prevented moisture loss from my hair, it also restored and rejuvenated my scalp.


  • They Treated Sun Damage
  •  If you are unaware, free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation can severely damage your scalp and hair quality. However, using Vitamin related hair care products like our biotin hair growth shampoo & conditioner can heal the damage in an instant. Vitamins like Vitamin E, B, etc can neutralize the damage, providing instant relief. 


  • Stimulated Sebum Secretion
  • The scalp health foundation for healthy hair!  It can be determined by several elements such as pH levels, oil production, and follicle health. When your scalp becomes dry, the sebaceous glands start releasing excess oil that clogs hair follicles causing itching, dandruff, and hair fall.

    The Vitamin based hair products from Glammed helped me with this issue. Multiple vitamins ensure that the scalp is revived and hair grows out healthy and strong.


  • Helped Me With Hair Growth
  • Do you know why it's not fun to have different hair problems? Because, they directly and indirectly, affect your hair growth. Hair issues like premature graying, thinning, and damage weren't growing the volume of hair I used to grow. This promoted bald spots which were certainly more frustrating. 

     Glammed naturally oil products which are rich in antioxidants dealth with a lot of my hair growth issues, these micro nutrients were proven to improve blood circulation in the body and the scalp. Therefore, enhanced blood circulation conditions the hair strands from root to shaft.


  • Prevented Premature Graying
  • Have you ever wondered how you would look with gray, dry, and thin hair? Well, as far as my experience, it's better not to talk about it! Gray hair is basically a byproduct of decaying hair tissues. However, Glammed naturally oil hair growth Vitamins can circumstantially prevent tissue disintegration and reduce the chances of premature graying. With The powerful antioxidants in vitamins, I restored my young look within a few weeks. 


  • Mended Split End Problems 
  • When I was a little younger, I loved colored hair and suffered from its consequences. A few years later my hair suffered from thinning and split ends. However, Glammed naturally oil Biotin based products stepped in and mended the split end problem making my hair strands thick, elastic, and strong. The Vitamin E in the oil rejuvenated my hair tissue and made my hair elastic.


    Hair issues can be 10 but solutions are vitamins like Vitamin E, B, D B612, etc. And this is what I learned about hair growth Vitamins while facing several hair issues a few months back. Now if you want to buy vitamin-based hair products from Glammed, like Vitamin E oil, immediately visit our website to purchase wild growth oil, the best itchy scalp winter remedy, itchy wet scalp, hair fall solution oil, and hair loss products.


    Alexa Berry

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