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Our Mission

We are 100% black-owned and family owned. We do not only offer great quality product that works, we only use 100% organic and natural ingredients made from plants to create our products. We believe in using healthy ingredients in creating our product which wouldn't cause any long term health problems. We also educate our customers on choosing healthy products. We are committed to putting our customers first, providing exceptional and prompt customer service and achieving the best outcomes as best as we can. Thank you for taking the first step in taking your hair care to a whole new healthy level.


What We Are

Promotes Healthy Scalp- Nourishes your scalp with Hyper-nutritional Natural Ingredients

Edge Breakage Rejuvenation- our natural oils will revive your edges in no time

Grows your hair longer and thicker.... check out all the results our community of women have gotten, you will be amazed!

Works for all hair types- It doesn't matter what your hair type is, our hair oils works for all hair types

There are so many hair growth oils out right now. But this one is amazing, it is not heavy, it smells wonderful and my thinning edges are growing back in fuller and fast. I am really satisfied with the hair growth oil👏🏽


I have been using Glammednaturallyoil products for a while now and I have to say i will always choose quality over quantity!!! These product does what it says it does and has transformed my hair growth journey!!!


I love the kids oil. My son had eczema for two months and I tried everything, nothing actually worked until I started using the kids oil. His skin is so smooth now. Thank you for making this oil. I’m definitely ordering more


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