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Article: 12 Must Have Tools to Grow/Style Natural Hair

12 Must Have Tools to Grow/Style Natural Hair - GlammedNaturallyOil

12 Must Have Tools to Grow/Style Natural Hair

Keeping and caring for natural hair is no small task. You have to make sure to have the right tools so that your healthy hair will grow to the maximum.

It’s very common to want to just buy everything you come across when shopping for your hair tools: “Oh this looks nice, I’ll have it.” “Oh what’s that? I’ll add it to my tab.” But that’s not how things work, you should be buying tools which you’ll actually use that your hair actually needs. 

I’ll be showing you some tools that you must have if you rock your hair naturally; whether it’s for styling or just for your hair’s general upkeep. So whether you’re new to the natural hair life or you’ve been at it for a while, here are some items you need to have to ensure your natural hair game is on point:

  • Spray Bottle; This one is a necessity, your hair needs as much hydration it can get and the answer to that is a spray bottle because you don’t want to stress yourself out sprinkling water manually on your hair (what if you end up drowning it by mistake? Tragic!) 
  • A spray bottle will not only quench the thirst of your thirsty strands, making them look brand new; you can also use it to apply different natural ingredients or mixtures to your hair evenly. So yes, one spray bottle please! (Or maybe two, four or five😂)

    [GlammedNaturally Spray Bottle]

  • Wide toothed combs; Natural hair can get so tangled up you’ll just lose hope when you’re trying to comb it out and this is why you need a wide toothed comb. Using a small comb can do damage to your hair while detangling, a wide toothed comb on the other hand makes detangling so much easier and is gentler on your hair. 

  • Wide toothed combs allow your hair to glide through without obstruction which makes detangling easier. However, make sure to use a plastic comb (or wooden) and not metal for less friction.

    You can also use a Denman brush as they perform the same function. 

    Wide Tooth Comb

  • Plastic caps; For those days when you apply natural treatment (hair masks) or deep conditioning treatment to your hair, you’ll need a plastic cap to help keep the moisture in and increase maximum retention.

    They’re great for covering your hair and locking in moisture. They also prevent moisture from dripping into your clothes or skin. 

    Plastic Cap
    • Satin bonnet; Another one for the moisture? Yes please! Like I said before (and like I always say), your hair needs all the moisture it can get and night time is not excluded; your hair needs protection even while you sleep. Your cotton pillowcase sucks up moisture out of your hair when you sleep and that’s detrimental to healthy hair - you’ll also wake up with your hair as dry as a desert.[click here to read on some other activities which you do that’s detrimental to your hair growth ]

    Silk or satin on the other hand do not snag at your hair or create frizz. If you can’t find a satin or silk bonnet, you can use a silk or satin pillowcase as well. 

  • An old toothbrush; Getting those edges laid is a must to give you that clean look after styling your hair. If you can’t get the edge brush, an old toothbrush works just fine to give you those sleek edges.
  •  Old Toothbrush

  • Edge Control; A good edge control or gel product will give you that chic look especially when you’re rocking laid back styles like a high puff or ponytails. They also work to help you keep your baby hairs in check and protected while adding to the beauty of your hairdo.

    Edge Control Gel

  • Perm rods or flexi rods; The best decision you can make for your natural hair is to decide to keep heat away from it. So how do you achieve those curls? Perm or flexi rods are the way to go to get those curls and they come in different sizes so you can achieve any pattern of styles you want.

    Perm Rod



  • Stretching plates; Now you don’t have to only rock curly hair, stretching your hair opens up a whole new world of styles you can rock. Luckily, with stretching plates, you don’t need to use heat to straighten or blow dry your curls to stretch those curls. Stretching plates are a safer alternative for your hair, as opposed to using heat.

    Stretching Plates

  • Hair steamer; This home gadget is essential if you find it hard to get your hair hydrated and you need more than a spray bottle. Moist heat from a steamer helps whatever you apply on your hair get absorbed better by your hair.

    It’s easy to use and is a fast way to revive your lifeless and moisture-less hair.

    Hair Steamer

  • Microfiber towel; With this towel, you don’t have to worry about your hair getting frizz as this type of towel is way more absorbent than the usual cotton towel. In fact, all you have to do is wrap the microfiber towel around your hair and let it soak the water out - you don’t have to rub your hair. 
  • An alternative to this is a cotton shirt (not towel), use it the same way as a microfiber towel.

    MicroFiber Towel

  • Hair grips/clips or clamps; These are needed when you’re doing any activity that involves sectioning your hair, whether it’s washing and conditioning or you’re just trying to style your hair. It prevents hair that you’re not working on from getting in the way as it’s easier to work on your hair in sections, it also saves you a lot of time.

    Hair Clips

  • Bobby pins; You can never go wrong with a Bobby pin. They’re good for getting your hairstyles in shape or just holding your hair in place.

  • Bobby Pins


  • Hair pick; If you’re a lover of the ‘fro then this is for you! All you have to do is fluff and puff to your heart’s content and voila!

    Hair Pick Comb

    There are more tools you should have as a naturalista but these ones above are the essentials. I have also compiled a list of must-have natural products for every naturalista here. Do you think we missed anyone? Tell us below!


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