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Article: Six Tricks To Grow Your Edges Fast

Six Tricks To Grow Your Edges Fast - GlammedNaturallyOil

Six Tricks To Grow Your Edges Fast

Are bald edges killing your style? Then you are probably in a worse situation. But you have nothing to worry about. We have some goof and simple tricks by which you can regain your edges as fast as possible. It is also necessary to know the reasons that leads to, so later you can avoid those practices. So if you are interested to know a total of 6 tricks to grow your edges fast, read this blog till the end.


6 Tricks To Grow Your Edges Fast

There are 6 main tricks to solve hair edge problems, which are mentioned in the following.


Avoid Tight Hairstyles

If you have been practicing a tight hairstyle for the past many years, then you must immediately stop what you’re doing. A little must tension in your hair loses grip of your hair. The edge hairs are very small, and fragile. When you apply tension on them, they end up losing grip on the scalp. So, to prevent bald edges first you need to give up on the practice of the tight hairstyle you have on your hair.  


Moisturize Your Edge

To grow your edges fast you need to make sure your hair and scalp have enough moisture. Sudden dryness is one of the main reasons for bald spots and shedding. Since edges have the most fragile parts, without moisture it will shade your hair first. By using ayurvedic natural products you can add moisture to your hair and protect your edges.   


Eat different Veggies

When you are troubled with various hair problems, including bald edges, you need immediate treatment with natural nutrition and minerals. Different types of veggies like cabbage, carrot, lettuce, etc., will provide you with vitamins and carbs which enhance your natural hair growth. These nutrients can enhance your immunity to grow hard tissue in your body, like hair and nails.       


Eat food with Zinc

Build your diet plan mainly focusing on zinc. Include foods like red meat, fish, nuts, and seeds in your diet to get maximum zinc in your body. So later it could process to enhance your hair growth. By practicing the dietary plan you are surely going to grow your edges fast, within a month.  


Weekly Rosemary oil

Rosemary is one of the main ingredients of natural ayurvedic oils. This dope thing has a huge variety of benefits from nourishment to blood circulation. If you use its oil it will give your hair nourishment to fight dryness, dry scalp split ends, and many more. If you eat it, it enhances your blood circulation in your brain and helps your brain to function in a better way. Due to this, you will feel stress relief and ultimately affect your edges hair shedding.   


Scalp Care Is Necessary

The scalp is an essential part of the body. Its carries various microscopic hair glands underneath, which are very essential for hair growth in your edges. So if you take regular care of your scalp, you will keep both the outlet layer and inner layer of your scalp healthy. 

With the help of natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, etc., you can treat your hair with your own hands. Lately, you will see results and can grow your edges fast. 


Practices To Avoid Bald Edges


  • Stress: Stress is one of the main enemies of the people, as it incorporates various health issues in you, especially promoting hair problems. Excess stress creates a malfunction of blood circulation, enzymes, and hormones, which directly or indirectly affect your hair, resulting in bald edges.    

  • Various Hair Style: You might want to look wonderful with different hairstyles but this is one of the other reasons to have edge hair loss in the long term. To save your baby, fragile hair, try to avoid those practices. 

  • Hair Relaxers: Use a 100% natural ayurvedic hair relaxer or tea rinse to grow your edges fast. Applying them gently to your head will bring another level of relaxation to your mind. 

  • Over-Friction: Avoid rubbing a towel over your hair. It is one of the main reasons to have bald edges.  


    Don’t delay taking treatment if you are facing edge hair shedding. With our mentioned tricks and practices to avoid, you can treat and prevent your edge hair shedding. You can buy our hair products like almond oil for dry hair, the best hair growth oil, organic hair oils infused with herbs for hair growth, hair gel for men, hair loss products from our official website.

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