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Article: Ayurvedic Hair Growth Serum V/S Ayurvedic Hair Oil: How To Make The Right Choice

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Serum V/S Ayurvedic Hair Oil: How To Make The Right Choice - GlammedNaturallyOil

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Serum V/S Ayurvedic Hair Oil: How To Make The Right Choice

Are you looking for a product that can meet all of your hair's needs in one place? Both hair oil and Ayurvedic hair growth serum can be useful in this situation. But, before you choose a product, keep in mind that each one has its own set of advantages. Depending on your hair type and needs, each works differently.

In this blog, experts help you understand their differences to narrow down your search.

Is Ayurvedic Hair growth Serum The Same As Hair Oil?

No. Ayurvedic hair growth serum is used to treat your hair superficially and instantly give it a soft texture and shine. Hair oils, on the other hand, nourish and condition your hair from the inside out. After a few applications, the texture of your hair becomes softer and more lustrous.


Which Is Better For Hair? Serum Or Oil


Both Ayurvedic hair growth serum and oil benefit your hair when they contain the right ingredients for your hair type and are applied at the right time, in the right manner, and in the right order. The majority of hair serums are silicon-based solutions. Because of their hydrophobic nature, these silicons accumulate on your hair, making it greasy and heavy.

They also prevent your hair cuticles [from absorbing moisture, making your hair brittle and dry over time," explains a hairstylist. As a result, silicon-free hair serums are preferable.

Ayurvedic hair growth serum enriched with natural essential oils can transform any hair type.

Ayurveda also recommends hair oils that work to balance your aggravated chemicals for healthy hair growth. For deep nourishment, people with dry scalp and hair (Vata hair type) should use heavy oils such as coconut oil. Cooling oils should be used by people who have inflammatory scalp conditions (Pitta hair type). People with the oily scalp (Kapha hair type) should use light oils like jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.


How Hair Serum Benefits Your Hair?

  1. You can easily tame your frizzy hair with Ayurvedic hair growth serum 
  2. Hair serums add instant shine to your hair by polishing your strands with a silky finish on the outside.
  3. Serum can protect your hair from environmental elements such as humidity, heat, pollutants, UV radiation, and so on.
  4. Serums can add instant softness to your hair by filling gaps in the cuticles.


How To Choose

  • If you have dry, frizzy hair, serums containing hydrating herbs such as aloe vera, rosemary, chamomile, and others are preferable.
  • If you have split ends, you can use a keratin protein-rich hair serum.
  • Experts recommend using a green tea-infused serum on chemically treated hair.
  • When you travel in the sun, herbs like lavender in your hair serum are beneficial.


How Does Hair Oil Benefits Your Hair?

  1. Hair oils, which are high in essential vitamins and minerals, provide exceptional nourishment to your follicles and hair.

  2. Oils help to strengthen your hair roots, reducing hair loss.

  3. Hair oils deeply condition your hair, resolving dry and frizzy issues. Hair oiling eventually softens your hair naturally.

  4. Massage with oils on your scalp improves blood circulation, increasing the supply of essential nutrients from the blood to your follicles. This, in turn, encourages thicker, stronger hair growth.

How To Choose

Ayurveda recommends assessing your hair problem levels before selecting a hair oil with the appropriate and balancing ingredients for your hair type.

  • Coconut oil is appropriate for all hair types, but it is especially recommended for those who have damaged, dry, and lifeless hair. It repairs brittle hair and prevents split ends. Those who have slower hair growth can also use it to increase the rate of hair growth.
  • Brigandi hair oil is made by extracting the herbs into pure sesame oil and milk. Anyone experiencing excessive hair loss could benefit from it. The use of this oil may also help to prevent dandruff and dry hair. It also helps to keep hair from greying prematurely. This oil is suitable for everyone and works as a remedy for the majority of hair problems.


There is no reason to compare Ayurvedic hair growth serum and hair oil. Each has its own purpose to serve. So use both of them to get long lustrous hair. We also offer Natural organic coconut oil, itchy scalp winter remedies, hair growing gummies, hair gel for men, hair loss products for you.

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