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Article: Top 6 reasons why your natural hair "stopped" growing

Top 6 reasons why your natural hair "stopped"  growing - GlammedNaturallyOil

Top 6 reasons why your natural hair "stopped" growing

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror at your hair and felt like it isn’t growing, you’re not alone! You might have the regular shrinkage that you experience while rocking textured hair, however, there are more severe cases where you have that feeling that it may be something more than just shrinkage, especially if it is coupled with a “little too much” hair after your combing sessions.

Asides from the medical issues that may surround hair loss, there are more relatable reasons why your natural hair may have “stopped” growing. In most cases, it’s not that your hair is not growing, it’s just that your hair may be breaking off at the same rate at which it is growing so there will be no extra length to show.

Here are 6 reasons why your hair has stopped growing;

1. You’re not moisturizing your hair enough - Natural hair coils up around itself so it makes it harder for moisture to reach all parts of your hair strands, especially the ends. So if you don’t moisturize your hair enough, this will result in breakage which is equal to or more than new growth, hence the lack of new length!

So make sure to moisturize as often as you can, for example, you can try applying a butter moisturizer like our Organic Whipped Coco Shea and sealing it with our Hair Growth Oil for the best hydration for your hair! This combo will definitely keep breakage away and you’ll be sure to see some length in no time.

2. You are not drinking enough water - Or you’re not eating enough fruits and veggies which your hair needs to grow. This shows up in your hair as dry, brittle, and weak strands which easily fall off as they are not nourished enough.

Drink nothing less than a litre of water every day and make sure to eat right so that your hair can get the strength and nourishment it needs to grow to the actual length that it deserves. Supplements are also a great way to get some growth in your hair. Check out our Organic Biotin Vegetarian Gummies here.

3. You touch it too much - Let go of your hair girl! Touching your hair too much causes stress to your hair, weakening it and causing breakage. If you realize that you touch your hair way more than is normal, try tying a scarf over your hair or wearing protective styles to reduce it. No stress, no breakage = more length!

4. You’re a heat advocate - As a naturalista, when the heat is on the left side of the room, you should be on the right side. In fact, you should NOT be in the room. Heat weakens your hair and although you can get some heat styling done while protecting your hair, too much heat styling can make your hair look like it’s stopped growing.

If you’re trying out heat styling for versatility, there are a lot of beautiful styles that are beautiful that you can rock without putting your hair through the stress of heat styling. When you do use heat, make sure to use a natural heat protectant like shea butter to reduce the brittle effect heat can have on natural hair.

If possible, abstain totally from heat styling and let your hair breath - you’ll definitely notice your length coming back.

5. Genetics - And sadly, this is one thing that may be out of your control. People have different hair growth cycles, some being shorter while others have longer hair growth cycles which is why it takes longer for their hair to shed - giving them longer hair.

Having shorter hair growth cycles may make it seem like your hair is not growing but as long as you stick to these 7 length retention tips then you’ll be just fine and your hair will grow at its own pace.

6. You’re using the wrong tools for your hair - Using the wrong tools on your hair, especially combs which are the most common is bad for your hair and leads to breakage. Combs that have teeth that are too close together, for example, will make your natural hair break because 

Always make sure to detangle your hair first before combing and take a look at this list of combs and when to use them

Dear queens, your hair is your crown and you should treat it as such, Add these tips to your hair care routine and you will definitely see changes. Ditch the idea that your natural hair cannot grow past a certain length because it can, as long as you give it constant TLC, and voila, there’s some long kinky hair! 

Always remember, consistency is key when taking care of your beautiful natural hair.


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Thank you for your wonderful hair formula, it really works. I have always been ball headed and for the first time in my life I have great hair.

Thank you, satisfied customer……

Claudia Pepin

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