About Us


Meet Jummie Ogunyemi  the founder of Glammed Naturally Oil. After suffering from anemia back in 2014  that caused her hair to shed and fall off , Jummie Ogunyemi  wanted to find the solution for her problems in the most safe natural way. After intensive research Jummie learned about this Organic Company and  immediately fell in love with their products..

One product that really caught her interest is their essential oils. Although it was a bit pricey she didn't hesitate to order since she was  on the verge of desperation. Her curiosity didn’t stop there, this opened up her eyes to explore more about the help and benefits of organic products.  Her kitchen became her lab, as she is now determined to mix and make her own organic hair oils  for her personal use. After months of using her handmade oils her hair’s health got better.


Jummie thought that everything was right on track when something unexpected happened again.  In 2016,  a few months after she gave birth to her second daughter,  she was diagnosed with Postpartum Alopecia. That was the turning point of her life.  Jummie began her journey of experimenting with 100% natural and organic oils to make her hair healthy again. Surprisingly, her recipe worked far better and quicker than the majority of products available in the market. Many women who used her products notice the dramatic changes on their hair in a short period of time. 


Glammed Naturally Oil was born out of the passion, dedication and the efforts of Jummie Ogunyemi . What started  out as a simple request from her sister-in-law, became a brand that has been able to help thousands of women worldwide since 2016. 

GNO is on a mission to promote healthy hair product alternatives to the market worldwide. This company specializes in producing 100%  high quality organic products  which are purely safe because it is chemical free. All GNO products are beneficial both for men and women  of all ages. Both young and old, GNO does not discriminate.


“ Our hair products are made from natural/organic ingredients, which is safe for regular long term uses. Chemically enhanced hair products may give you the look and feel that you want right away, but they are damaging the health of your hair and body over time. Oppositely, organic hair products are safe for use even by the most sensitive groups, like pregnant women or children. They are actually nutritious, and nourishing to your hair. The more you use it, the healthier you will get. Natural ingredients will help address unhealthy conditions such as dry hair, oily hair, dandruff and scalp irritation and even hair fall.


Another important fact is that, when you choose organic hair products, you’re also helping the environment by letting biodegradable substances go down the drain instead of toxic chemicals.


Although some say that organic hair products are more expensive compared to synthetic products, over the long term you will be able to experience cost savings as you and your hair will be more healthy. This is why anyone should use organic hair products instead of toxic synthetic ones, GNO products are definitely not expensive because we believe that “GOOD HEALTH IS PRICELESS” according to Jummie Ogunyemi CEO and founder of Glammednaturallyoil


Glammednaturallyoil have wide variety of natural hair care products that suitable for any types of hair. If you are looking for a natural solution to your hair related problems then Glammed Naturally Oil has got you covered. Order today!