3 Amazing Natural Hair Dos for a Job Interview


So you’ve got a big interview coming up and you want to look like yourself but still pass across that message of professionalism on your part, right? Let your hairdo do that for you!

Rocking your natural hair to that job interview is no biggie as long as you’ve got the tools to pull it off. The great thing about these styles is that you can make them right from your home without the help of a stylist because they are easy to do and require minimum manipulation.

Let’s get into it!


This is one hairstyle that can also be executed in a number of ways, based on your preference. It’s basically taking all your hair back and securing it in a bun at the back of your head (lower or higher depending on the length of your hair.) You part your hair at the front either at the centre or at the side for an even more classy, chic look and lay your edges with your preferred edge control.

Pro tip - Make styling this hair easier by properly hydrating and moisturizing your hair and combing out with an afro comb before combing backwards with a Denman brush. The afro comb will pick all your hair from the roots while the Denman brush will properly brush it back before you secure with an elastic band. Not a rubber band!

Also, you can try attaching a faux bun if your hair is not long enough.


Lupita comes to my mind when I think of this hairstyle. This style is perfect for the shorthaired queens who don’t want to deal with so much length or are still growing out their hair.

In any case, this hair once properly executed is a chic style to get you more than a couple of stares at the office when you walk in. All you need to do is hydrate, moisturize (a lot of moisturizer will give it that wet, shiny look) and add finishing touches to it using your hands.

Pro tip - Depending on your hair length, you can decide to switch this style to a mini twist out by using your hands to twist out your hair and let it come undone later.


You might have already guessed but Issa Rae is my inspiration for this hairstyle! I love this hairstyle because it does such a good job of framing your face if properly executed while giving you that boss chic look as well.

Pro tip - While securing your hair at the crown of your head to create this look, use your fingers to put finishing touches to this look and give it that rough but well put together look - if you know what I mean.

Which one of these hairstyles would you rock to a job interview or even work? Let’s talk in the comments.

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