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Glammed Naturally Oil 


  • This includes our whipped coco shea butter and our whipped mango shea butter. It also comes in 2 variants 
  • Our coco shea butter is the perfect detangler and leave in for your dry hair.
  • Our mango shea butter can be used to achieve the perfect twist-out.
  • Both combined gives your hair everlasting moisture
  • Best used if sealed with our hair or braid oil
  • Using this product on a daily basis boosts hair growth and it can also be combined with the Glammed Naturally Hair Growth Oil for even better results.
  • Our Whipped Mango & Coco Shea can also be used on skin too; it leaves skin well hydrated ,soft and very supple.
  • Our Whipped Mango Shea & Coco is also an awesome detangler and helps greatly when. It softens and makes hair easier to comb through.
  • Our Whipped Mango & Coco Shea comes in a whopping 12oz  sized container designed to last for over a period of 2 months. A little, goes a long way.


Directions To Use 

Apply daily directly on hair and work into various sections as required. It penetrates very easily into the hair strands for added strength and shine. 

Our whipped mango & coco shea butter can be used as a leave-in conditioner after conditioning and shampooing and can be used with the mango coco to twist  hair and apply an oil to seal it in. For firmer hold for our twist out please add a little gel. Our whipped mango shea butter can also be used as a body butter apply on skin right after a shower.

Please do a patch test before use to ensure no reactions to our ingredients.



Coco Shea Butter and organic shea butter & Mango Shea Butter and organic shea butter

The perfect moisture Bundle - GlammedNaturallyOil
The perfect moisture Bundle Sale price$4,000.00 JMD


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