Citrus Moisturizing Facial Serum


The Citrus Moisturizing Facial Serum is specially designed to get rid of chronic acne problems as well as blackheads, blemishes or uneven skin tone on face. Made up of quality ingredients like Jojoba oil, Lemongrass essential oil and Vitamin E oil, known to revitalize the skin, Citrus Facial Serum is the solution to all your facial problems.

If you want that confidence that comes with having beautiful, clear and glowing skin then you need the Citrus Serum; with this product, you will find out that good skin does not only have to depend on genetics. Dealing blackheads, pimples and acne can be a nightmare especially if you keep using the wrong products, which will irritate your skin and cause it to break out even more. The Citrus Serum is composed of only organic ingredients, without harsh chemicals which can irritate your skin.

Citrus Moisturizing Facial Serum works to remove blemishes on your face and eliminate pimples and blackheads effectively. It is suitable for all skin types so there is no risk of sensitivity to this product. 

The Citrus Serum keeps your skin radiant and moisturized without leaving an oily residue, it is extremely lightweight, (doesn’t clog the skin pores) so you even forget it’s on your face.

 Promotes clear, soft and healthy skin, devoid of blemishes or scars with 100% natural  ingredients.. This confidence booster comes in a 2oZ bottle which can last for about 2 - 4 weeks depending on usage. A little goes a long way.

Citrus Moisturizing Facial Serum is made up of Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Citrus Oil, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

Directions for use: Apply Citrus Serum after washing and cleansing your face. Use twice daily; (in the morning before applying your makeup and at night before bed) the serum is lightweight and will not leave stains or residue. Citrus Moisturizing Facial Serum comes in a portable spray bottle that prevents spillage when applying. 

Customers who have tried out this product have seen positive results in terms of healthier skin in 2 - 8 weeks. Consistency is key when using this product so ensure you use it constantly over a period of time for lasting results.

DISCLAIMER: You are advised to do a patch test before using this product. If irritation occurs, please discontinue usage.

The results vary for different people depending on each person’s unique need, genetics and other factors that we cannot control. Because of this, some customers may take longer to see results.

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