Kids Hair & Body Oil


Kid’s Hair & Body Oil is perfect for moisturizing your child’s hair and skin to get rid of dryness and keep it healthy. Formulated with natural, organic ingredients, this product is certified by the USDA to be safe for kids of all ages (even babies). It is non-toxic.

It works wonders for your kid’s skin, it not only moisturizes but penetrates the skin to repair damaged tissues and give your kid that healthy and clear glow every child should have. 

With a very pleasant scent that will make you want to bury your face in your kid’s skin and inhale deeply.

Proven to reduce the appearances of eczema, Kid’s Hair & Body Oil also helps to diminish scarring and dark spots. 

Combing through your child’s hair becomes a very easy task with Kid’s Hair & Body Oil; it’s smooth texture allows you to easily comb and style hair, giving it a shiny look afterwards. It also promotes healthy hair growth for kids. This calming, soothing oil comes in a 4oZ bottle which can last for up to 2 months depending on usage; a little goes a long way.

Kid’s Hair & Body Oil is an organic oil blend made up of Organic Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Lavender Oil.

Directions for use: Apply Kid’s Hair & Body oil to sooth your kids hair and skin after every shower for instant glowing and hydrated skin. 

Kid’s Hair & Body Oil comes in a portable applicator bottle that prevents spillage when applying. 

Customers who have tried out this product have seen positive results in terms of healthier skin in 2 - 8 weeks. Consistency is key when using this product so ensure you use it constantly over a period of time for lasting results.

DISCLAIMER: You are advised to do a patch test before using this product. If irritation occurs, please discontinue usage.

The results vary for different people depending on each person’s unique need, genetics and other factors that we cannot control. Because of this, some customers may take longer to see results.



Watch how to use this two combination together to help your kids hair grow better and retain moisture.

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