Organic Coconut Oil


Glammed Naturally Organic Coconut Oil caters to a wide range of your hair and skin needs. Made of pure, cold pressed coconut oil, this product has amazing benefits for your hair when used consistently and over a period of time.

Rich in iron, potassium and other essential fats, coconut oil assists in promoting scalp health by providing the much needed hydration and moisture to the hair follicles. Organic Coconut Oil moisturizes your hair, adding healthy shine to it while also softening it. Softer hair is easier to comb, making it less prone to breakage or split ends.

Our Organic Coconut Oil also works to stimulate hair growth as it penetrates your hair shaft and strengthens it from within. Massaging Organic Coconut Oil into your scalp and hair adds luster to your hair and also increases blood circulation to your hair follicles which speeds up hair growth. 

The Organic Coconut Oil can also function as a great detangler as it softens hair, making it easier to manage and style. 

Your skin is not left out, Organic Coconut Oil enhances your skin’s elasticity and boosts hydration. This leaves your skin glowing and looking healthy. Using the Organic Coconut Oil is a quick way to get rid of dry skin and make your skin shine. 

You can also use coconut oil to hydrate your lips. Lips have a different type of skin that is more prone to dryness so using Organic Coconut Oil will prevent cracked lips and restore your lips shine. It can treat skin problems like acne and acts as a natural soother for wounds. 

This natural oil is a great addition to both your hair and skin routine for its unique hydration properties. Our 12oZ jar of goodness can last for up to 3 months depending on usage. 

Organic Coconut Oil is made of 100% organic coconut oil.

Directions for use: Apply daily directly to your scalp and massage for a few minutes for better results. Organic Coconut Oil comes in an easy to hold jar you can scoop from.

Customers who have tried out this product have seen positive results in terms of healthier hair in 2 - 8 weeks. Consistency is key when using this product so ensure you use it constantly over a period of time for lasting results.

DISCLAIMER: The results vary for different customers depending on each customer’s unique need, genetics and other factors that we cannot control. Because of this, some customers may take longer to see results; this can also be due to the nature and severity of hair loss experienced.

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